Cats are curious creatures. They are quite self-sufficient and loving as companions. But, bringing one home may mean some changes around the house to keep them safe. Here are a few guidelines for cat proofing your home.

Cats don’t require much but what they do need is some discipline. They can get into everything when you are not home if a few measures are not taken. Most of these are safety measures since you don’t want your new companion to hurt themselves. Some are for cosmetic reasons so your furniture doesn’t look like it has been through a shredder.

Many pet owners are stressed about the amount of money they have to put into repairs around their home but it can be avoided. Try these tips and tricks to keep a safe and happy cat home.

Finding a Happy Medium for you and your Cat

1. Discipline from the beginning

Kittens are cute but if you don’t teach them how to behave at this stage you could have a real problem when they grow into adult cats. The most effective way to teach is with a firm command word and/or a spray bottle. The spray bottle seems cruel but it is a tool that will get their attention when they persist in being disobedient.

silver spotted bengal cat lying
Image Credit: Valeri Pavljuk, Shutterstock

2. Hiding cords

Cats like to bite and gnaw on things. If they have taken a shine to your electrical cords nip that behavior in the bud right away. You don’t want them to suffer the same fate as the cat in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation do you? Use empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls to cover cords and keep them together so that they are not easy prey for your cat. Cover them with contact paper or paint them so they blend in better with your room décor.

3. Blind cat

Curtains offer a great place for cats to hang and scratch. Avoid shredded draperies and instead use vertical blinds. Cats like to sit in windows and this way they can move between them without doing damage. Cut looped strings so your cat won’t get hung in them.

blind cat on wicker chair
Image Credit: Agata Kowalczyk, Shutterstock

4. Bitter plants

Cats love to eat plants and spill the dirt everywhere. First of all many plants are toxic to cats if they chew on them. Know this list to avoid any plant that could be a danger. With other plants, apply a spray called bitter apple. It is non-toxic to the plant and cats don’t like the taste. You can also buy them some catnip plants that they can chew with delight if they want.

5. No dirt

To avoid dirt all over the floor, apply a mesh covering over the top of the plant to keep dirt from getting kicked out. You can still water and feed the plant as normal.

persian cat near the window
Image Credit: choosangyeon, Shutterstock

6. Scratching post

Cats like to scratch. Having a scratching post in the home can avoid them using your furniture. Try a post that uses a different texture material than your furniture. Posts can be vertical or horizontal.

Welcome your cat home and keep them welcome with a few tricks to keep them safe and your home in tiptop shape!

Featured Image Credit: Li Yan, Unsplash