If you like lots of loving fluff then a Persian cat may be just what you are looking for. Like its name implies, it is regal, ready to be pampered, and worthy of your praise.


Have you ever watched the movie Stuart Little? Snowball is the quintessential Persian cat. This breed is said to have originated in Iran (hence the name Persian). It was introduced to Europe by an Italian man in the 16th century.

According to literature, the original Persian from Iran didn’t have the longhair of the British version we see today. But, over time, many cat breeds (Persian being one of the oldest) were subject to interbreeding for specific traits. It is believed to have been interbred with Angoras or even Pallas cats.

What makes this cat beautiful is its longhair coat. It is believed that this is a recessive trait that spontaneously appeared over the centuries in the breed. They come in a variety of colors including brown, black, tabby, tortoiseshell, silver, golden and white.


The Persian is as regal as its area of origin. This cat is great with families with children. They love to play with their human family. This breed of cat has an easygoing personality but they aren’t the most athletic.

Frankly, a Persian loves to be loved by others. If you have kids who like to pet their animals then this is the cat for you. When they are not being fussed over they like to lounge lavishly in a place where they can continue to be admired by their family.

This cat is not a dunderhead though. They are highly intelligent and learn quickly. Don’t let the large body and long fur fool you.

persian cat near the window
Image Credit: choosangyeon, Shutterstock


The Persian has enough grooming needs for a hundred cats. Because their hair is quite long, they require daily grooming to remove matted hair and to cut down on hairballs. Bathe them regularly as well to prevent fecal buildup on the fur. Although cats are typically self-groomers, clean this breed’s ears and eyes each day to avoid any problems due to the long hair.

Because of the traits that have been bred into and out of this type of cat, many have developed extremely flat faces. Thought to be a plus for show cats, it can also pose many health problems for your Persian. Many Persians have sinus and respiratory issues. They are also genetically predisposed to kidney disease and kidney failure.


You shouldn’t have much trouble with this cat. They love attention but will not hound their humans for petting and affection. They withhold their love until they learn to trust you. There are very few discipline issues owing to their quiet temperament.

Are you ready to shower your love on a pet? Then, you may be the right owner for a Persian! Read more on Animal-World’s Persian Cat page!

Featured Image Credit: Nihal Karkala, Unsplash