Chocolate is toxic to many of our beloved animals. Dogs and cats can get really sick if they consume enough of it, especially dark chocolate. They’re not the only ones at risk, either. Other species, including horses, react to specific components inside of chocolate, which can cause a number of clinical signs.

If you have a pig, you’ve probably heard they can eat anything, but is the same true of chocolate? Because pigs have a digestive system so close to humans, their bodies break chocolate down much like ours. Chocolate is not considered to be toxic to them, but that doesn’t mean that your pig should eat it. Continue reading to learn more.

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Toxicity in Chocolate: What’s at Risk?

You have likely heard about toxicity and chocolate if you own dogs and cats. You might be concerned that if you feed chocolate to your pig, it will have the same effects. So, what exactly is it about chocolate that makes it so toxic to some pets?

Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine. It also includes caffeine, which is unhealthy for pets. They can cause some pretty gastrointestinal upset, muscle tremors, and even seizures in dogs and cats. Pigs are a lot like us regarding how their bodies break down and digest chocolate. So, if your little piggy got into any goodies, you’ll be happy to know that they will be safe.

Should Pigs Eat Chocolate?

Even though pigs can technically digest chocolate, it’s not the best nutritional choice for them and their daily diets. In fact, it’s not even great as a snack for us. But luckily, it is not considered toxic to pigs, so nothing bad is likely to happen if your little snorter enjoys a sneaky little snack behind your back.

That doesn’t mean you should always give your pig chocolate. This needs to be an exceptional occasion. Sugar is detrimental to anyone’s diet, including your pig. It can lead to a whirlwind of health issues like diabetes and other complications from excess weight. Plus, chocolate contains caffeine, a stimulant, completely unnecessary in your pig’s daily diet.

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Do Pigs Enjoy the Taste of Chocolate?

Your piggies have pretty profound taste buds, so chances are—yes, they will love chocolate. Don’t think you have them fooled by hiding it under the sofa, either. They will root it out in no time. However, it’s just not the wisest dietary choice. Make sure it’s nothing more than an occasional snack, and your little piggy can indulge every once in a blue moon.

Will Chocolate Make Your Pig Sick?

Every pig’s digestive system is specific to the individual. Some pigs can eat everything in sight, while others are much more vulnerable to digestive discomfort from different or unfamiliar foods. If you notice any discomfort after you know your pig has consumed chocolate, it’s best to completely take it off the table from that point forward. Even if they beg for it, it’s best to keep them away from it.

Normal Pig Diet & Snack

It would be best if you feed your pig a standard grain diet that you buy in-store or online. These commercial foods have the proper nutrients your pig needs to thrive. You can supplement the diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, providing a nourishing, raw aspect to keep your pig at optimal health.

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Final Thoughts

Now you know that pigs are omnivores, and you can relax if you are worried that chocolate is toxic to pigs like it is to dogs and cats. However, also take precautions on how frequently you give your pig chocolate, as it’s ultimately not good for their system.

If you notice your pig shows any discomfort after eating chocolate, permanently discontinue use in the future. If you are concerned about anything, contact your veterinarian for further professional guidance in your particular situation.

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