Goats are wildly popular animals to have if you’re living the farm life because they’re relatively easy to take care of, eat almost anything, and give back in a variety of ways, from milk to manure. They are also becoming increasingly popular to keep as pets. Whatever reason you’ve chosen to have a goat around, you want to be sure you’re taking care of them properly. And though they eat most foods, you don’t want to feed them something that will harm them.

One question many people have is can goats eat lettuce? The short answer is yes! Goats can eat lettuce, but you should know a few things about letting them do so.

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Can Goats Eat Lettuce?

Goats can and will eat all kinds of lettuce. Turns out, they’re rather fond of it! It’s also completely safe for goats to eat, provided you serve it in small portions and don’t make it the main focus of a meal. In fact, using fresh greens is an excellent way to tempt your goats into eating their whole grains!

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What Kind Of Lettuce Can Goats Eat?

When it comes to the type of lettuce goats can eat, pretty much anything goes. Goats tend to have their favorite types, though, and you’ll want to consider the nutritional value of the lettuce you’re providing.

Some of the types of lettuce you can feed your goat include:
  • Iceberg
  • Romaine
  • Butter
  • Bibb
  • Boston
  • Batavia

The two most common types of lettuce are iceberg and romaine. A lot of people think that iceberg lettuce contains little to no nutritional value. It’s mostly just water, right? But it will offer some nutritional value to your goats (value much lower than other types of lettuce) when given as a snack. Romaine lettuce provides many more vitamins and minerals for your goats, making it a much healthier treat for them to have. Plus, most goats will prefer romaine to iceberg.

How Much Lettuce Can Goats Eat?

Lettuce should be used more as a snack or treat rather than as a part of every meal. While lettuce in and of itself won’t harm goats, if they overdo it on treats, they could become overweight or ill. Goats need to consume the staples of their diet — hay and grains — to keep their digestive systems healthy.

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Is Lettuce Good For Goats?

Lettuce contains many vitamins and nutrients goats need, such as Vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, and magnesium. It’s also helpful to them in two main ways. First, lettuce contains phosphorous, which is essential for young animals as it aids in development and growth. A lack of phosphorous can equal a lack of growth as they age. The second is by improving milk quality. Lactating goats need even more vitamins and minerals than those who are non-lactating. Lettuce offers important vitamins and minerals to help them along.

Things To Remember

There are a handful of things to remember when feeding your goats any kind of lettuce.
  • Choose lettuce that hasn’t been treated with pesticides and other toxic chemicals.
  • Wash lettuce before giving it to your goats, just like you would if you were eating it yourself.
  • Adult goats should have no issues eating lettuce leaves as is, but kids should be fed with smaller, chopped-up pieces.
  • Lettuce should only be used as a snack or treat, not in place of hay or grains.

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The Round-Up

If you have goats and want to feed them a handful of lettuce here and there, go ahead! So long as you aren’t overdoing it, there shouldn’t be any issues with them having it. Lettuce can be good for goats as it provides several vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. Plus, lettuce can be helpful in upping nutrients in lactating goats, which could improve the quality of the milk they give.

When it comes to what kind of lettuce to feed your goats, any kind will do. However, your goats will likely have an opinion of their own about what kind of lettuce they prefer. Try different options out till you find the one they love the most!

Remember to choose lettuce that hasn’t been treated with pesticides or otherwise harmful chemicals and to always wash it before giving it to your goats. Also, keep in mind that younger goats will likely need their lettuce torn into smaller pieces rather than being fed in large chunks or leaves.

Other than that, step back and watch your goats enjoy this tasty treat!

Featured Image Credit by Brent Hofacker, Shutterstock