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Peaches are favorite summer fruits for many people, but if you’re a chicken owner, you may be wondering if this juicy treat is safe to share with them. Chickens love to eat and will readily sample almost anything that you give them, so it’s important to make sure what you offer is suitable for them.

Chickens can certainly eat peaches! Best of all, peaches can provide plenty of nutrition for chickens. Read on to learn more about how to give this fruit to your chickens.

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Why Should Chickens Eat Peaches?

Chickens are natural foragers and like to search for their food. Providing peaches for them to find will keep them mentally stimulated and give them something new to enjoy. You can hide the peaches around their coop, under the hay, and around their foraging areas for them to discover.

Peaches also provide several health benefits to chickens. They’re loaded with vitamin C, helping chickens fight diseases and build their immune systems. They also provide fiber to support your chickens’ digestive health. Peaches are also a natural source of sugar, giving your chickens a sweet treat. The boost of hydration that peaches offer is also something that chickens can benefit from.

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How Do I Give Peaches to My Chickens?

Wash your peaches to remove any dirt or insecticides. Make sure to remove the pit. Peach pits should not be fed to your chickens.

Slice the peaches before offering them to your chickens. You can cut them into thin strips or cubes. This makes it easier for chickens to eat them. Peaches are soft, and small pieces can help chickens devour them quickly.

Be sure to clean up any uneaten peaches before they rot. Chickens should only eat fresh peaches, and stale peaches should be removed immediately.

Are There Any Peaches I Should Not Feed to My Chickens?

Chickens should only eat raw, fresh peaches that are clean and cut up into small pieces. Canned peaches have too much sugar. Some even include artificial sweeteners that can be harmful to chickens.

If chickens break off too big of a bite of a peach, they may not be able to swallow it. This is a choking hazard. Be sure to feed your chickens pieces of peaches that they can easily manage.

It’s best to not feed too many peaches to your chickens, to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Chickens are full of natural sugar, but eating too many peaches can lead to obesity. Peaches are a fun way to add variety to your chickens’ diet but shouldn’t be fed to them too often. An occasional treat will keep them happy.

Peaches don’t provide enough nutrients that chickens need to sustain their health. The fruit should not replace their regular feed. Peaches and other fruits should not take up more than 10% of your chickens’ diet.

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Final Thoughts

Peaches are delicious and healthy treats to offer your chickens in moderation. Be sure to clean the fruit thoroughly, and slice it up into bite-sized pieces so they are safe for your chickens to eat. Chickens should not eat peach pits. Canned peaches should also not be fed to chickens because they contain too much sugar.

Healthily feeding peaches to your chickens can keep them entertained and happy. Remember to just use peaches as a supplemental treat and not as their regular diet. They still need the nutrients that come from their feed. Fruit should be offered in moderation and not take up more than 10% of the chickens’ daily diet.