Whether you have a camel as a pet or have seen them in the wild, you might wonder what they can eat. We all know that camels live in the desert and can go days without drinking water, but what else do we need to know? Yes, camels can eat carrots. Camels in captivity often have carrots and apples as treats.

Is it healthy? Do they eat them often? We’ll answer these questions and more below.


What Do Camels Eat?

Camels feed on shrubs, trees, grass, and leaves in the wild. Domesticated camels in the zoo are fed fruits, vegetables, alfalfa pellets, grains, salt blocks, and Bermuda hay. Of course, they are also given supplements, vitamins, and minerals to keep them healthy. These vegetables and fruits include carrots and apples.

Camels are herbivores, which means they eat plants and other plant-related materials. It’s interesting to note that camels have four stomachs, which helps them digest their food properly. Carrots are good for camels, but replacing their regular food with carrots is unhealthy.

Camels can eat carrots raw, and it’s best not to cook them since the spices and other substances in the carrots could make the camel sick. Camels are also opportunistic foragers, so they find food wherever they can.

Wild Bactrian Camel
Image Credit: Maria, Pixabay

Can You Own a Camel as a Pet?

Now that you know camels can eat carrots, you might want to see if you can own a camel as a pet. The answer is yes, and they make excellent pets. Of course, you’ll have to find out whether owning an exotic pet is allowed in your state and get the proper permits.

Is It Legal to Own a Camel?

Believe it or not, it’s legal to own a camel as a pet in the United States. However, it’s different from state to state, and there are restrictions, so you need to talk to your local government to see what the restrictions might be and which permits you’re going to need.

Camel in fense
Image Credit: succo, Pixabay

Pros of Having a Camel as a Pet

There are a few advantages to having a camel as a pet.

  • Camels are intelligent
  • Camels like humans
  • Camels need less care than horses

Cons of Having a Camel as a Pet

Camels also have disadvantages that the average pet owner may be unwilling to deal with.

  • They need to be trained by professionals
  • They are enormous animals
  • They require plenty of land for grazing
  • Veterinary care for camels is expensive

If you have no problem training your camel or have a big enough property for the camel to roam, having a camel as a pet is a fantastic experience, according to camel owners.


Wrap Up

Yes, camels can eat carrots. They are a great treat but not something you’ll want to feed to the animal every day; camels also need a lot of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and happy. If you decide you want to give a camel a home, check with your local government to see which permits are required and if it’s legal to keep exotic areas in your area.

Featured Image Credit: Shubchynska Iryna, Shutterstock