What’s a Caique? A Caique is a great pet bird that comes in a small package but with all the intelligence and beauty of a larger parrot!

   There are two species of Caiques, containing five subspecies. Both the White-bellied Caique species and the Black-headed Caique species are not only some of the most colorful birds in the parrot family, but are extremely intelligent. They are not great talkers but they love to learn tricks and show off!

   Sometimes thought of as the clown of the parrot world, these small bundles of energy are constantly playing, climbing, and chewing. They like hanging from the cage bars, ropes, ladders and toys, whatever is available. They also like to roll on their back and play with toys in their feet.

   Well trained Caiques are very cuddly and affectionate and love to interact with other birds, toys, and people. They can be quite noisy however, and are best suited to environments where their loud calls are not a bother.

Caique Parrots

Caiques… a lot of intelligence and energy in a small package!

Black-headed Caique

black-headed caiques bird perched
Image Credit: Fernanda Burbano, Shutterstock

Pionites melanocephala melanocephala

White-bellied Caique

Southern White-bellied Caquie bird perched
Image Credit: Paul Dymott, Shutterstock

Pionites leucogaster leucogaster

Yellow-thighed Caique

yellow-thigh caique bird perched
Image Credit: Yan Lv, Shutterstock

Pionites leucogaster xanthomeria

Featured Image Credit: Tirriko, Pixabay