The Bursa Triggerfish, once it is comfortable in your aquarium, displays an active interest in its environment and it’s keeper. But be sure you keep it well-fed. Also make sure it has plenty of space, and a cave or rock formation where it can retreat to.

The Bursa Triggerfish have been known to be possible troublemakers. Ways to keep a peaceful tank is to house appropriate fish together that have similar needs and can hold their own. In this case larger protein eaters such as surgeonfishes, groupers, and basses. Some eels and puffers can be appropriate too.


Scientific Classification

Species: bursa

Maintenance difficulty

The Bursa Triggerfish is easy to keep. Triggers are among the hardiest of all marine fish.


Feed all kinds of live, frozen, and flake foods. Best to feed small amounts several times a day. We generally feed squid, shrimp (the same kind people eat), mussels, and all kinds of chopped up fish.

Bursa Triggerfish on Coral Reef
Image Credit: Peter Douglas Clark, Shutterstock

Habitat: Natural geographic location:

Bursa Triggerfish are found in the Indo-Pacific: East Africa to the Hawaiian, Marquesan and Ducie islands, north to southern Japan, south to the southern Great Barrier Reef in Australia, New Caledonia, and Rapa. Inhabits clear inner and outer reef habitats from exposed algae reef flats to deep along drop-offs. Occur in seaward reefs below the surge zone.


In the wild they feed on crabs, bivalves, gastropods, algae, echinoids, tunicates, worms, eggs, and detritus. In the aquarium they should be fed all kinds of meaty marine foods, cut up fish, shrimp, squid, etc.

Social Behaviors

Generally this fish is aggressive towards other fish, especially other triggerfish.

Sexual differences


Recommended light levels

No special requirements.


No special requirements. Normal temperatures for marine fish is between 74 and 79 degrees fahrenheit.

Bursa Triggerfish underwater
Image Credit: Heiti Paves, Shutterstock

Length/Diameter of fish

Bursa Triggerfish adults can grow to 25 cm (10 inches).

Minimum Tank Length/Size

A minimum 60 gallon aquarium is recommended.

Water Movement: Weak, Moderate, Strong

No special requirements.

Water Region: Top, Middle, Bottom

No special requirements.


This fish is available from time to time.

Featured Image Credit: Heiti Paves, Shutterstock