The Buelingo cow is undoubtedly among your considerations if you’re looking for a beef-style cattle type to add to your small-scale farm. This cow specifically works well on modestly-sized farms for a few reasons: its docile temperament, moderate weight, and quick maturity. But that’s not all.

These cows were developed in the United States and are readily available in many parts of North America. So, if this is your stomping ground, this beef breed is prepared to come to your farm. Get to know the Buelingo a little more to make an informed decision moving forward.

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Quick Facts About the Buelingo Cattle Breed

Breed Name:Buelingo
Place of Origin:United States
Bull (Male) Size:1,400 – 1,800 pounds
Cow (Female) Size:1,000 – 1,200 pounds
Color:Red or black with white band
Lifespan:4.5 – 6 years
Climate Tolerance:Tolerant of cold
Care Level:Easy

Buelingo Origins

Buelingo might sound like a rather peculiar name for a cattle breed until you know the back story. These beauties were named after their owner, creator, and developer in North Dakota—Russ Bueling.

Russ was a cattle farmer in the United States during the 1970s and became particularly interested in developing a type of beef cattle with particular markings.

Dairy cows were only used in production for appearance purposes. With the help of others, Russ created this look by crossing dairy Dutch belted with Shorthorns. Once the look was achieved, they focused on prime muscle mass.

Adding the Chianina bull into the genetic mix gave the existing specimens adequate muscle development, quick maturity, and ease of breeding. Upon perfecting the standard after a few short years, the breed was solidified and sold for meat production.

Other cattle that influenced in breeding of the Buelingo include:
  • Scotch Highland
  • Belted Galloway
  • Angus
  • Limousin
  • Shorthorn

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Buelingo Characteristics

The Buelingo cow is a beautifully sound cow with a relaxed temperament that makes them easy to handle. They are medium-sized, making them manageable and ideal for farm work, 4H projects, and single-family meat production.

These cows have incredibly docile temperaments, except for bulls. Buelingo bulls can be unpredictable, territorial, and aggressive as any other bull. But of course, there is always an exception to this—getting a seemingly nice bull out of the mix.

Females are real champions, being both stellar mothers and adequate birthers. Calves generally weigh between 65 and 80 pounds. They tend to develop rapidly and reach sexual maturity early. You can count on your Buelingo mothers to raise calves adequately and with little assistance.

Two Buelingo cows lying in the grass
Image Credit: Elsemargriet, Pxhere


The Buelingo is an absolutely perfect candidate for the small-scale farm. It was developed to withstand temperatures in the west, east, and south—so it’s incredibly versatile. These cows can be farm help, table cattle, show cattle, and phenomenal reproducers.

Females are highly fertile and usually have successful births without too much interference. They have an extremely high motherly instinct and excellent rearing abilities. These cows are generally docile and easy to handle, making them even more advantageous.

You can easily replenish your cattle numbers if you need to. So, if you choose to breed a bull and cow, your pairing will often be successful, and the birthing process is typically seamless–which is perfect if you want uncomplicated reproduction as a perk.

And also, these cows produce rich enough quality milk to sustain a family and then some (should you choose to use them for milk supply, too.)

Appearance & Varieties

The beautiful Buelingo is a banded breed of cattle used primarily for meat production. So, they have sturdy bodies with adequate muscle mass, creating an ideal-sized cow for all basic farm needs.

The Buelingo comes in two color varieties—red or black—both have the classic white band around the center. Ultimate size depends on bloodline and genetics. At full maturity, bulls weigh up to 1,800 pounds, and cows reach 1,200 pounds.


The Buelingo cow is moderately popular in North America, but no official numbers are listed on leading websites for this breed.


Since its historical beginning, it has grown in popularity in the United States and Canada. However, the range exceeds these perimeters in some cases.


Like any cattle breed, the Buelingo needs plenty of space to graze and roam. Though they are sturdy, they need a warm, dry place to stay out of the elements.

While the Buelingo is a highly resourceful grazer, they also require grain feed in addition to foraging, particularly in the winter months.

The Buelingo will require an average of one acre per cow—and you should always have at least a pair. So, if you think you can provide them with adequate space, they will be happy on two available acres without complaint.

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Are Buelingo Cattle Good for Small-Scale Farming?

If you’re planning to raise beef cattle, the Buelingo is an excellent pick if you live in the United States and Canada. While more prevalent in Midwest regions, this breed is often readily available. If you are interested in this breed, do a little homework to find how close the nearest prospective Buelingo farm is to you.

The Buelingo is excellent for small-scale farms, permitting that they are easy to manage, highly adaptable, docile, and resourceful. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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Featured Image Credit: Elsemargriet, Pxhere