The Brittania Petite Rabbit, called the British Polish Rabbit or the “Polish” Rabbit in Britain, is not a “dwarf” but it is a very small rabbit. Along with the Netherland Dwarf it is one of the smallest rabbits.

Generally more high strung than other small rabbits, Brittania Petite Rabbits have a vigorous nature. They will take gentle perseverance to tame. With patience however, you can be rewarded with a most delightful pet.

The Brittania Petite Rabbit is very curious and likes lots of toys and attention. These are not a pet for the timid. Small children would probably do better with one of the calmer small bunnies that are more willing to patiently accept handling.

Scientific Classification



   The Britannia Petite Rabbit is called the British Polish Rabbit or the “Polish” Rabbit in Britain. It was bred and developed into a small, compact breed of standard rabbit, and it is generally believed that it was just started with smaller common rabbits. It was exhibited in Hull, Yorkshire as long ago as 1884.


   The adult size is up to about 2 1/2 pounds. They are a small delicate looking bunny though the body is rather elongated and arched, similar to that of a hare. Their long front legs make them stand up tall, and their wedge shaped face is topped with short upright ears. When they pose, they look like a lower-case ‘h’. Their fur is short, fine and dense with a silky texture.
   Brittania Petites are not easy to breed and take a lot of effort and time. Females do not always become pregnant and when they do they sometimes they do not make good mothers, neglecting the babies or sometimes abusing them.

Color differences

   The Brittania Petite Rabbit is available in many colors, though in the United States it is most often seen in white, with its recognized show color being the ‘ruby eyed white’. Other nice colors include black, black otter, sable marten, and chestnut agouti.

Featured Image Credit: Xaya, Pixabay