Brazilian Pennywort is an exotic plant with a very funky look, a most Interesting plant to add to an aquarium!

The Brazilian Pennywort is a great plant for midground to background or surface decoration. It has thin spindly stems and lily pad shaped leaves. At any given moment, plants will sport leaves ranging in size from a dime to a half dollar.

At each leaf joint the plant sends out white roots. Very healthy specimens will send up a wispy white bloom that will open near the surface. Some aquarists choose to not root Brazilian Pennywort in the substrate, instead allowing it to grow horizontally on the surface.

Brazilian pennywort can grow a few inches per week in just about any tank. However underfed plants will be slow growing, weak, and unattractive. A good fertilizer regimen would include both a root fertilizer (usually mixed in with the substrate) and a leaf absorbed fertilizer (usually added to the water). Co2 fertilization also helps this plant a lot. Brazilian Pennywort will be nibbled on by snails and some fish, but healthy specimens recover easily.

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   Brazilian Pennywort is found in South and Central America.

Water conditions:

   Temperature: 64-79° F (18-26° C)
   pH: 5 – 9
   dGH: 2- 20 °


   Light level: Low to very Bright


   This is one of the easiest aquarium plants to propagate: simply cut off any length of plant at the leaf joint. The cutting will use its pre-established roots to take hold in just a few days.


   Brazilian Pennywort can be rather difficult find, however some fish stores and many online sources will stock it.