The Booted Bantam chicken is one of the oldest and rarest Bantam breeds there is. The name of the bird comes from its feathered feet and hock joints. Those feathers can grow up to six inches long, giving the Bantam a “booted” appearance.

These chickens are small, and though they can be used for egg production, they are most often kept as pets, and they are really too small to use for any type of meat production.

The Booted Bantam usually weighs in at around 30 ounces for males and 27 ounces for females. This breed can have up to 20 different colors, though only five are recognized.

In the guide below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Booted Bantam Chicken.


Quick Facts about Booted Bantam Chicken

Breed Name:Booted Bantam
Place of Origin:Netherlands
Uses:Eggs, show, pets
Rooster (Male) Size:30 ounces
Hen (Female) Size:27 ounces
Color:20 different colors
Lifespan:10 years
Climate Tolerance:Moderate
Care Level:High maintenance

Booted Bantam Chicken Origins

Since the Booted Bantam shares a few color groups with the Belgian Breaded d’Uccle, they can often be mistaken for one. However, there are a few major differences between the two—for example, the Booted Bantam doesn’t have earmuffs or a beard.

It’s not surprising that the Booted Bantam is mistaken for the d’Uccle because its origins come from a fancier from the town of Uccle in Belgium. The man’s name was Michael van Gelder. He crossbred the Bearded d’Anver’s chickens with other four-legged Bantam breeds, and that’s where the Booted Bantam breed came from.

The breed made its way to America in the early 20th century, brought here from Germany.

two Booted Bantams
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Booted Bantam Chicken Characteristics

There’s quite a bit to know about the Booted Bantam when it comes to the little chicken’s characteristics. First, the bird has an average life expectancy of up to 10 years, so not only can you get quite a few eggs from that, but this is a long-lived pet too.

It’s important to note that this bird doesn’t do well in extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures. This means they’re highly susceptible to these extremes. This breed is also susceptible to developing Marek’s disease. Since they aren’t very hardy birds, they do need constant care and attention for them to stay healthy.

These birds are exceptional fliers and love to fly. They aren’t very noisy, so you don’t have to worry about them waking you up super early in the morning. If they are introduced early on, they get along well with other breeds, other pets, and children. Make sure that you teach your children how to behave around Booted Bantam chickens, just as you would any other animal, to reduce the risk of injury to both.

It’s important to note as well that this is a rare breed, though they haven’t made it onto the conservation list as of yet. They make better pets than they do producers of eggs but can be used for both.


Because of its striking appearance, the Booted Bantam chicken does great at poultry exhibitions. This breed also makes a great pet and is excellent for small-scale farming. The hens are actually decent layers, though the eggs are really too small to eat on a regular basis. The eggs themselves are very small and have a creamy white color.

wheaten Booted Bantam
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Appearance & Varieties

The Booted Bantam chicken has a striking appearance, not only because they look like they are wearing boots, but because of their short compact bodies, prominent breasts, and long wings.

They also feature an upright full tail, red wattles, upright combs, and earlobes.

The most unique thing about the Booted Bantam chicken is that they come in 20 different colors. Some of the most popular and recognized colors are listed below.

  • Buff
  • Barred
  • Blue
  • Golden Neck
  • Cuckoo
  • Porcelain
  • Black
  • Mottled
  • Lavender
  • White
  • Self-blue


The Booted Bantam chicken is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Though they are considered rare at the moment, more and more colors are being bred all the time.

It is important to reiterate that this bird doesn’t do well in cold or hot temperatures, so you need to have its ideal environment set up before bringing the chicken into your flock.

While they do adapt well to gardens, it’s best to keep them in a hen house if possible.

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Are Booted Bantam Chickens Good for Small-Scale Farming?

Booted Bantam chickens can be used for small-scale farming. However, they are best owned by fanciers or as pets. They can’t be used for meat as they’re too small, and their eggs are pretty small as well.

If you’re searching for chickens that will produce large eggs and meat, then this isn’t the right breed for you. Since this breed is best to have as a pet, we’ll include a section on how to care for your little Booted Bantam buddy below.

blue Booted Bantam chicken on white background
Image Credit: cynoclub, Shutterstock

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Tips for Caring for Booted Bantam Chickens

From grooming to diet and nutrition, there are a few things you should know about caring for your Booted Bantam chickens.

While these chickens require a little more care and attention than other chicken breeds, they will quickly become a part of your family as a pet and are worth all the time and attention it takes to keep them happy and healthy. Remember, they are docile, gentle, and enjoy attention, so you should have no problem handling them.

Diet and Nutrition

This chicken enjoys table scraps and fruit. However, that’s not all you need to feed them to keep them healthy.

It’s best to stick to a diet of chicken feed first thing in the morning and save the other food for later in the day and as a treat.

Booted bantam rooster outdoor
Image Credit: Smiler99, Shutterstock


As with other chicken breeds, the Booted Bantam chicken loves nothing better than a good dust bath. Just make sure that you check your flock regularly for mites, lice, and other parasites that might not come off during their dust bath.

You also need to get these birds dewormed on a regular basis, especially if you’re going to have them around children and other pets.

If you take care of your Booted Bantam chickens the way you should, you can expect them to make you great pets or show birds for many years to come.

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Final Thoughts

That concludes our guide on the Booted Bantam chicken breed and what you need to know. While these birds can be used for small-scale farming, they make better exhibition birds and even better pets.

If you’re searching for a breed that lays large eggs or that can be bred for meat, then this isn’t the right breed for you. However, if you’re looking for a pet, then you might want to start looking into this breed for sure. Though they are rare at the moment, they are getting more and more popular.

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