The Aseel chicken is an ancient breed with an interesting but dark history. These large birds are known for their absolute intolerance of other birds but their surprisingly gentle nature with their handlers. If you’re interested in learning everything there is to know about the Aseel chicken, keep reading!


Quick Facts About Aseel Chickens

Breed Name:Asil, Aseel, Azeel
Place of Origin:India and Pakistan
Uses:Cockfighting, meat
Rooster (Male) Size:4–8.8 pounds
Hen (Female) Size:3–5.7 pounds
Color:Black-breasted red, dark, spangled, white
Lifespan:10 months
Climate Tolerance:Hot environments, high humidity
Care Level:Moderate

Aseel Chicken Origins

The Aseel chicken was developed in India and Pakistan. The breed was further developed into its modern state in parts of the United Kingdom as well, although the breed remains relatively popular in India and Pakistan.

These birds were bred for the singular purpose of fighting, and that they will do. They are poor companions to other animals and will regularly fight to the death.

black brown Aseel chicken
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Aseel Chickens Characteristics

Since they were bred across centuries for the sole purpose of fighting, these birds are known for their extreme levels of aggression toward other birds. Roosters will fight each other to the death and are popular birds in cockfighting, which is illegal in many countries. Hens will also fight to the death, but they’re known to be fierce protectors of their young, often taking on snakes and other dangerous animals.

These birds are so aggressive that even the babies will begin fighting each other within weeks of hatching. In general, Aseel chickens simply cannot be kept with other birds except for breeding purposes, which must be done with care and supervision.

Aside from being exceptionally aggressive toward other birds, the Aseel is known for its overall gentle nature with humans. These birds tend to seem to enjoy the attention of humans and may seek out human interaction. They are not likely to be tolerant of other animals at all, though.


The Aseel chicken was bred exclusively for cockfighting. Due to their stout, meaty bodies, these birds can be used for meat. The Aseel was crossbred with other birds to create the Cornish chicken, and it’s also believed that the Aseel played a role in creating modern commercial broiler chickens, which are large and well-muscled birds.

white aseel rooster
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Appearance & Varieties

The Aseel chicken is a densely bodied bird that does come in bantam and normal size varieties. There is a long-tailed variety of the Aseel chicken, although not all birds have long tail-feathers.

There are only four colors that are accepted colors for this breed. The accepted colors are dark, spangled, white, and black-breasted red, which is also called wheaten. They have a hooked, hawk-like beak, a rounded skull, and yellow legs. This breed of chicken is slow-growing and very heavy for its size.


Today, the Aseel chicken has a steady number of birds. In fact, as of 2005, they were the only Indian chicken breed that was not listed as needing conservation efforts. They are still relatively popular in India and Pakistan, and many people who participate in cockfighting across the world seek these birds out, even in areas where the blood sport is illegal.

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Are Aseel Chickens Good for Small-Scale Farming?

This is not a good chicken for small-scale farming efforts due to how difficult they can be to keep around other animals and their low production value. They are not sought after as meat producers. Hens are extremely poor layers, often only laying 40–70 eggs annually. They do sit well and are protective of their eggs and their young, but if you are in search of egg producers, the Aseel is not suitable.

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