Dwarf Anubias make great beginner plants because they can adapt readily to almost any aquarium environment!

The leaves of the Dwarf Anubias are tough and leathery, are dark green with rounded tips, and grow to be about 3.2 inches long. This dwarf species of anubias is a great foreground plant since it only grows to a maximum height of 4.7 inches. They have a slow growth rate but are sturdy and can grow on rocks, wood, or in the substrate.

Anubias plants are usually undemanding in terms of how much light they need. If they are planted in the substrate, they should be provided with plenty of bottom fertilization, as well as a warm bottom. Carbon dioxide fertilization is also recommended.

Dwarf Anubias
Image Credit: Ilja Lahmanov, Shutterstock


They originate in West Africa.

Water conditions

  • Temperature: 72-82° F (22-28° C)
  • pH: 6.0 – 7.5
  • dCH: 2-15


Light level: Minimal to Moderate – Anubias plants are usually undemanding in    terms of needed light.


The rhizome produces side shoots, but also divides itself, producing new    plants


The Dwarf Anubias is readily available.

Featured Image Credit: nuzaa, Shutterstock