If you are a goose lover, you may be interested in learning more about what this specific breed has to offer in terms of agricultural use or as a pet. The American Buff goose is a rare domestic breed native to the United States. They are well-known for their calm and docile temperament and tamable nature. Furthermore, this goose breed has excellent parenting skills and lay between 10 to 20 eggs which makes them the ideal breeder for both large and small-scale farmers and make a good first-time goose breed to own.

This article will provide you with all the information you need to determine whether the American Buff goose is suitable for you and your needs.

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Quick Facts about American Buff Geese

Breed Name:American Buff Goose
Place of Origin:Europe and Asia
Gander (Male) Size:18 pounds
Goose (Female) Size:16 pounds
Color:Apricot-fawn, creamy white
Lifespan:15-20 years
Climate Tolerance:Mild climate
Care Level:Easy

American Buff Goose Origins

The American Buff geese were first developed in North America, where they descended from the wild Graylag goose who’s native to Northern Asia and Europe. It is believed that is geese breed developed from a buff mutation in gray geese flocks or that this breed was developed from buff-colored stock that was imported from Europe.

This breed has been listed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy as a rare breed in the ‘critical’ category on the conservation priority list. In 1947, this geese breed was recognized for the first time by the American Poultry Association, where they then become a sought-out breed for the egg and meat production industry.

American Buff Goose
Image By: Diane Kuhl, Shutterstock

American Buff Goose Characteristics

The name ‘American Buff goose’ is derived from this breed’s body coloration. A noticeable characteristic of this breed mainly focuses on their temperament which is desirable for farmers who want an undemanding and easy-going breed to produce meat and eggs for agricultural production. They make good parents which is beneficial for farmers who want to breed their geese to improve their stock and increase production. Furthermore, their good behavior makes them ideal for general purposes beyond the agricultural benefits. Their excellent parental abilities make them able to raise other abandoned goslings and take them under their wings.

The average body weight of a mature American Buff gander is around 18 pounds, and they are slightly larger-bodied than females who weigh around 15 to 16 pounds. They fall under the medium-sized poultry breed and have a lovely coloration which many find attractive.


The main uses of American Buff geese are for meat consumption and egg production. This breeds meat is a delicacy and a rare form of duck meat that you will find in local US grocery stores. Their uses for farmers are endless and beneficial, whether you are looking to expand in small-scale geese farming or large-scale farming. However, since this breed is considered ‘rare’, you may not be able to get a large amount of stock and you will have to breed your stock to produce enough geese to keep up with the meat demands on farms. Using this breed of geese for eggs is a much more sustainable option in the long term.

Appearance & Varieties

The American Buff goose is covered in apricot-fawn-colored feathers and the buff-colored feathers on their back and sides have a creamy white color on the ends. They have a chunky body with little to no indication of a keel. They have a slightly arched back and two rounded fatty lobes by their abdominal region.

There are two main varieties, namely the standard and tufted variety. The tufted variety has a tuft of fawn-colored feathers on their head without a lump, it only consists of upright feathers that give them a unique appearance.


Due to the American Buff goose being rare, they have a critical conservancy status which means that there are less than 500 breeding American Buff geese in the United States. You will mainly find these geese across America, and fewer adults are distributed in other countries. These geese are naturally occurring in freshwater habitats in Europe and Asia. They can tolerate and adapt to a wide range of climates, but prefer milder climates that they would experience in their native country.

Image Credit: Karel Bock, Shutterstock

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Are American Buff Geese Good for Small-Scale Farming?

American Buff geese are mainly found on small-scale farms, and you will rarely encounter a large-scale farmer who uses this breed of geese for egg or meat production. The rarity of this breed is thought to contribute to their availability within the agricultural industry. If you have the time and determination to breed a small flock of these geese, then farming them on a large scale may be able to work.

Overall, this is an adaptable breed of geese that is easy to work with in terms of maintenance, feeding, and other aspects of their care. If you are looking for a rare goose breed that has great potential in the egg and meat production industry, then the American Buff goose may be a breed to consider keeping.

Featured Image Credit: Taija Luce, Shutterstock