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The handsome, sweet tempered Ball Python is one of the most favored and adored pet snakes!
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Monica - 2019-11-26
12 weeks old Teacup Pomeranian Puppies available
We have 4 of them left . 12 weeks old , 2 males ans 2 females and are recent on all shots . Very good with kids and other home pets and needs a loving and caring home . get back for details if interested or you can call/text us on 4194085410

Thomasdan - 2019-11-25
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Derek Smith - 2019-08-25
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Frederickhutson - 2019-06-28
Text or call 339-970-9126
Stunning 450 gram BEL ( Lesser Mojave), could also possibly have Enchi and GHI in as the parents are:-
GHI MOJAVE (male) X LESSER ENCHI (female).
She is doing everything she should and is thriving.
Eating frozen thawed pray. Text or call 339-970-9126

josuapong - 2019-06-28
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Stunning 450 gram BEL ( Lesser Mojave), could also possibly have Enchi and GHI in as the parents are:-
GHI MOJAVE (male) X LESSER ENCHI (female).
She is doing everything she should and is thriving.
Eating frozen thawed pray. TEXT OR CALL 339-970-9126

ngosfoundation - 2009-05-04
I am a full time breeder of baby ball pythons in this part of india.I breed morphs of the following categories; pastels, pastel jungles,caramels, albinos, piebalds, normals and other rare species like the platinum.My prices are moderate.If interested contact me for more information,all snakes are vet check with health papers up to date,snakes are captive breed and are defrost feeder and also have geckos in stock which range from eggs to adult, you mail me at (ngosfoundation at yahoo dot com)
thanks, contact for price list

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  • Areeb - 2010-08-14
    I would like to purchase ball pythons from you. I live in bangalore. Could you please let me know how much they would cost and how you could ship them to me. Thanks.
  • Michael - 2014-01-26
    I'd like to buy a ball python next year, something of a rare morph, how much? Message me through my email
  • abdulla azmi - 2015-02-20
    i wud like to by one can u plz contact me asap or cal or wats app me 917276407683 wud reaky appreciate it
  • ladyIsa - 2016-03-03
    I have a Question about a . python behavior and facts ...if a Python attacks a small child I mean wrapping it's self around a child's head & biting the child around the ear area what is going on with that snake ? what could cause a python snake to act in that fashion?
  • subrato gupta - 2018-04-26
    hi i am looking for a ball python from quite some time, i am located in delhi, but i can visit you or pay for shipping too. please call/whatsapp me on 8448806277.

Sanchez - 2018-04-13
Am looking to sell my Two Ball Pythons both Male and Female. I need to look for them another home since my 5 years old Daughter is getting to scared and worried about their presence. Any serious persons should leave me a message on (909) 589-1328

andrea - 2013-09-04
Alright I have had my ball python for about 6 months now, she has shed 5 of those months. She is a pretty good size for her age, her name is Wormy. I found out she was a little female. I also just recently got a baby red tail boa, I must say I like the ball python better but the rosie will grow on me I guess.

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  • Lindsay Sexton - 2017-12-12
    Awww Wormy sounds very cute. I must say, Ball Pythons are my favorite snake as well,they are the most tame of all snakes. But, Boas are really cool too. I've never owned one,but when I was a 5 or 6 year old girl,I got to pet a Boa while on a trip to Dallas. I was too small to hold a full grown boa at that age,but I sure wanted to hold it. The guy holding it, was very surprised that a young girl like myself would love snakes so much. I owned my first ball python when I was 13 it was a male,his name was Bernie. Now I'm 24,and I just got me a ball python again. my mom made me get rid of Bernie because she is a party pooper and hates snakes.But, this time I got a female,and named her Pixie.
Lenny - 2008-04-29
I have a young ball python named Patch. Ball pythons are chubby snakes; short and fat and generally quite slow when moving, so they are not likely to scare someone who is afraid of snakes. They are incredibly strong creatures with over 77% of their entire bodies consisting of pure muscle, so they will squeeze very tightly and effortlessly to anything supporting them. Ball pythons often scare their new owners when they refuse to eat for months at a time. This is simply because they are sensitive creatures and they become shy and reclusive when introduced to a new situation. It may take your python a full year to become accustomed to your home, and so he will be quite reluctant to eat. Very seldom will a reptile eat when shedding, so you can speed up the shed by warm baths every couple of days until the snake finally gets rid of his skin. It is always better to feed several small prey items rather than one large one. I suggest offering a live pinky mouse every to every other day. If the snake eats it, he eats it. If not, it can wait a day or two. This is the best way for a snake to eat, as it does wonders for their digestive tract. Studies show that snakes fed this way can top fifty years or more, and even in some cases, outlive their owners! A larger snake can be fed a larger mouse, or more pinkies. Breeding colonies of mice is a great way to get hundreds of mice for under ten dollars, and to keep them for years to come. Ball pythons are extremely sensitive to drastic temperature change, and they can slowly freeze to death even at room temperature! Remember, your body makes heat on its own, but snakes need their environment to make heat for them. This is what "cold-blooded" really means. Have you ever noticed your snake crawling towards appliances, heaters, warm food, or even towards you? They can "see" warm places, and they like to be near them to regulate body temperature. A cold snake will quickly wander to the warmest place it sees to keep itself alive. That's why it's a good idea to turn on a small heater and put a towel next to it whenever your snake gets loose. You can check the towel every couple of hours to see if your buddy is sleeping underneath it. If you let a mouse crawl on the towel, your snake will also be attracted to the tasty smell.

SITE ADMIN: Alter the text as you see fit, post the parts that you like most if you need to make room. Feel free to leave my address on the page, as I enjoy helping inexperienced python owners in their times of need. Feel free to contact me at any time, I'd be more than happy to chat!

Lenny V. Lisbeck
Heavenly Hollow Herps
Leech Lake Area, MN

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  • Dezirae - 2010-10-03
    Hi, I have a baby ball python named Chico. He is a little over two months. I do handle him a lot and I found out that that does cause a refusal to eat with ball pythons. I usually take him with me when I go places. Is that unhealthy for him?
    The first time I fed him a fuzzy, he ate it. My local pet store did not have any live fuzzies so I had to buy a frozen one. I thawed it out and gave it to him but he will not eat it.
    Also, I feel like it's time for him to shed, but he isn't. I am worried his tank is not humid enough. Help?
  • Anonymous - 2014-06-03
    I have an under 6 months baby ball python named rex he loves everyone.
  • Alissa - 2014-07-15
    Hey does it know how to coil?
  • Lindsay Sexton - 2017-12-12
    Hi. My name is Lindsay,and I'm a 24 year old girl who LOVES ball pythons and all snakes! I had my first ball python when I was 13, his name was Bernie and he was three feet long. He was very sweet,but my mom made me give him away because she hates snakes (sadly). But,then this year I made up my mind that i wanted to have my favorite animal as a pet again! Even though I still live at my parents house,I decided to get a snake no matter what my mom said about it. And I got me a captive bred spider ball python ,a two year old female. Do you think she will get any bigger? She is maybe two and a half feet long. Her name is Pixie.
ladyIsa - 2016-03-03
Question about a Ball-Python? If a Full grown Python enters a home and wraps its self around a young child's head and around the ear area you find blood like if the snake bit the child what type of behavior is going on with that snake ? and is it common for a Python snake to have this sort of behavior?

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  • Scalez - 2016-03-04
    UUUhhh, thats an oddly specific question. How would the snake just "enter" a home, does it have a key? also pythons aren't really active predators, they dont go out and look for food usually they wait for it to come to them. The behavior youre describing is probably hunting and is normal. There you go nothing to worry about ,the snakes fine, the baby however most likely had a slow agonizing death by suffocation, being unable to breath the baby could not scream.