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   The Achilles Tang is appropriately named, bringing to mind the Greek hero, Achilles, who had a flaw of vulnerability that proved fatal, thus the term “Achilles Heel.”
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Don - 2010-03-19
I've an Achilles Tang I've had for about a month -- was doing fine but starting getting white spots about two weeks ago (thought it was itch), cleaner shrimp and cleaner wrasse seems to have cleared that up. However colouration seems to be lost on front half of fish and hasn't returned. Any ideas on what this could be -- not gasping for air, eating well and still moving well about the tank. Unfortunately didn't quarantine first (dumb I know) -- looking to take out of display tank to treat -- only have a goby and 5 year old Yellow Tang in the tank with him and they don't appear to be showing any signs (Yet). I have pictures if anyone want to see them if that might help.

Megan - 2010-01-05
I have had them for months. I don't have any problems with the achilles, it's the blonde naso's I have issues with (typically giving up and refusing to eat after a short time).

Chad - 2006-12-25
I have yet to meet anyone that has kept this fish for more than a week. And I know several who have tried.

phil - 2006-05-18
update from 1/1/05

Achilles is still doing well, and has been transferred in to a new 300 gal tank. I attribute my success with this tang to chaotic water flow from both a oceans motions 8 way and a tunze wavebox. I also believe that having a rapid sump turnover rate is beneficial for keeping the water well oxygenated. I had a bout with ich with this tang, and instead of removing it, i kept up on water changes and feed selcon enriched or zoe enriched norri. infection was gone within a month. This tang is also kept with 3 other tangs, all of different genius: Blonde naso, bristletooth tominii, and A desjardini sailfin.

My best tips for keeping this species are thus: Handle delicately, feed often, and most important of all, find a healthy fish from the get go.

TangLover - 2005-12-07
Very beautiful fish...but make sure that you check its body for any scratches (delicate shipper) and it has a sensitve skin coat so the net might scratch it. Make sure you acclimate the fish well. The most you should pay for this fish is about $35 (Sun Aquarium in San Jose, CA) has it for this price. Alright, hope that helps you fellow reefers.

phil - 2005-01-01
happened to stumble across an excellent specimen, and could not pass it up, as i knew i would never see another one in such good shape anytime soon; not to mention the fact that i only paid $55 for a fish that would eaisly go for $90 plus any where else! I was worried at first that my existing tang (a 2.5 inch desjardin sailfin) and it would not get along. Within an hour the 2 were swimming about the tank! Talk about luck! Eats like a horse and is doing great!

john - 2004-08-01
One of my favourite tangs. A must have for any marine tank! Does not take traveling well, and rather delicate at first. but once settled, with good quality water, it can be the star of the aquarium for a long time! Very lively fish too, always on the move. I never had a really aggressive one but it can be rather territorial with other tangs.