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   The Oldwife may grit their teeth when frightened, but an aquarist without proper knowledge will be gritting their teeth about their purchase!  Yet with the proper research they are a great addition to a cold water marine tank!
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Tony - 2004-01-15
Hello, I have an 2inch long old wife and it sometimes eats plankton. It is not taking flakes, but I hope it will soon.

Callum - 2007-12-06
Old wife are found along the east coast right up to southern Queensland. They are supposed to be really common but i haven't seen one yet. p.s. i thought they grow to 25cm, that's what it says in my Australian sea fishes book.

Petar - 2005-03-03
Just like to add that these fish are not limited to South Australia. I have been snorkeling on the NSW coast and frequently encounter an old wife. The other posters statement is true, they are very timid and every time i see them while snorkeling they seem to hide/hang around weedbeds

Tony - 2004-01-17
hello, I found out that they are sometimes extremely timid, I tried to feed it live fish and it ate it with no problem. I have a rather small tank so my 2inch old wife could catch its prey( they are very slow!)