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The Black and White Heniochus is often called the "Poor Man's Moorish Idol"... but we are tempted to call it the "Sane Man's Moorish Idol"!
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bonnie kalina - 2012-02-25
Heniochus black/white/yellow bannerfish/ butterflys elongated dorsal fin is losing the filament. Gray patches on banner. Fish not as active today and did not eat. Checked ammonia, nitrate, phosforus. All normal. I do 5 gallon water changes on 75 gal every other day. The fin still has half of the filament on and the other half is just a thin bare thread.

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  • fredy - 2014-09-01
    Hi, did your heniochus recovered from its dorsal fin infection? if so what tretreatment did you use? hope you reply and the fish is well.
  • Fredy Villalon - 2014-09-01
    Hi im having a similar problem and was wondering if he recovered? If so what treatment did you use? I hope you reply soon thanks.
  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-04
    This sound like a bacterial infection, like Tail and Fin Rot, which besides having disintegrating fins, can also show up with gray patches on the skin.
  • Nathan - 2014-09-21
    Probably a bacterial infection. Make sure all your filtration is running smoothly and do daily 20% water changes until it clears up. Best of luck to your fish!
Nathan - 2014-09-21
Remember: these fish are NOT moorish idols!!! I've never had these fish but I purchased a moorish idol (very similar looking fish) a month ago. They are EXTREMELY difficult! I've managed to keep him alive after 2 weeks of not eating, ick, and stress problems from my hawkfish. He is finally looking better but not worth the risk, not to mention these are half the price of moorish idols and MUCH easier to keep alive.

Dhritiman Datta - 2007-07-21
This is a great fish. I have kept them in a pair for many years. This fish should be bought when it is grown up as young specimens contain less fat in their body, and if it takes time to start eating, then it may be a problem.

Thomas - 2009-07-06
Yeah, this is a great fish. It was very active the moment we put it in the tank and ate almost immediately. It ate everything we fed it and ate heartily; a good change for us as far as butterflyfish go. We love watching it swim and the trailing fin is my favorite part!.

(- question- sadly, it died because it got sucked onto the filter tube and couldn't get off before we noticed. we have a subtank filter sytem. we've found some of our smaller fish in the sub tank before so we put a net over the top of the tube. now, it is like a death trap and fish that get stuck on the net get the life sucked out of them. we've taken the net back off, but now, found our small mimic tang stuck in the subtank (thankfully alive). does anyone have any ideas for a solution to our problem?)

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  • Jon - 2010-12-22
    If your drain tube is near the surface just turn it upwards so that it sits barely under the surface this will create good surface movement and prevent them from being sucked up. If it's a bottom drain you can make a kind of a snorkel to bring the drain to the surface of the tank and hide it with some well placed live rock. Also this helps with the removal of protein waste as I'm sure you know oil floats on water. Hope this helps.
Tom Shern - 2008-07-29
Remember, Black and White Heniochus are generally not reef safe. It was too late for my beautiful & pricey acan but at least the clams recuperated.
tom shern

Dustin - 2003-10-12
Thanks for all of the great information on marine fish! Keep up the good work