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The yellow Canary Demoiselle is one of the most beautiful damselfish available!
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DB7 - 2007-01-30
I love this fish! The bright colors give some life to my reef. A great fish to have in your tank

Danny - 2006-01-18
Don't just pick the first one you see. They range from banana yellow to almost yellow. You definitely want to choose the darkest yellow. They grow up to look confusingly close to the lemon angel from afar. I love the colors they add. They are mostly passive and work well in small groups. They swim around a lot too.

Tony T. - 2009-04-09
My canary damsel is the hardiest of the hardiest! He has lasted through two cycles in both of my tanks. He's a soldier!

RICH - 2005-01-19
This site helped me alot especially when I was starting my saltwater tank