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The short stocky Pug makes a very amiable companion and is a wonderful house dog!
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Martinez - 2018-09-13
We have a loving 4 month old male Pug. He is lovable, playful, great with children (we have a 2 year old and 4 year old), outdoor trained, shots up to date (paperwork to show) and weighs almost 26 pounds. He is trained on eating and drinking at certain hours. He has been so good to us and we are saddened to finally make the decision on rehoming him. My husband and I were thinking of getting him another male dog to keep him company but we are unable to have a second pet in our rental, therefore we need him to have a family that will give him the attention he needs. We basically are with him some weekends due to work, and feel he needs more than that. He can't be an indoor dog due to out 'renters contract' but is able to sleep in the garage. We have everything you need for him; a bed, 2 cages (size medium and large), toys, 2 sets of dog plates/bowls, a snow jacket and two sets of leashes. Please feel free to ask any questions if interested via

cjd - 2014-02-08
We own a black pug and she is a funny dog. She is stubborn but loving. She has some strange habits like she loves to sleep under a blanket. Sometimes we lose her then see a blanket walking across the floor. She has snoring issues which some people think she is growling. But she doesn't bark. She has had some allergy issues but nothing that can't be taken care of. We have 2 other large dogs and she holds her own with them. Pugs make a great inside dog.

ruby - 2013-01-18
We have a rescue pug. We love her so much, she is the sweetest thing. We have had her about four years. When i leave or she does not see me she will start hollering. Everyone thinks shes saying mama cause it does sound like that. I would very much recommend rescuing one. You would not be disappointed.

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  • william j.wright - 2013-12-19
    Just got my first pug and she is everything you described. Very playful and demands attention which I don't mind. I have fallen in love with her. I have always had big dogs but she may be small yet she is very big. She (BOO) is 4 years old but still has all the puppy spunk. And she has already shown her devotion and abundant love. Thanks BILL
Brandy - 2011-07-22
I actually use a q-tip to clean my pugs wrinkles. They work much better than anything else. They are very lovable dogs and love to snuggle. :D

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-23
    They are cute -
Olivia - 2008-05-14
These, I think, are one of the best dogs you can have and they all think they are really big dogs so they're really funny. They are one of the smartest, cutest, funniest dogs there are. If you think they are ugly they are not ugly, they are PUGLY. That's an old joke pug people made up. I have 3 and a Doberman. If you really want to get a pug but you want them to be calm please rescue an older one (thousands of senior pugs get put down since they don't get adopted enough). No they are not yippy like some other small dogs, BUT some may scream if you leave them in the car or just plain if you walk away from them and they can't get to you. These are very great dogs and good for beginners as well(as owning dogs goes) but their wrinkles MUST be cleaned (a tissue works perfectly) at LEAST once a WEEK. They are great dogs, but please rescue a senior pug, they need your help more than you know.