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  The Chug is an attentive and active companion, and though it has a short history it is one of the most sought after hybrids around.
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Tanner - 2018-03-06
I have a fegle that is a cur and beagle mix

Autumn McGrath - 2016-09-09
I have a 13 year old chug, I got him 11 years ago. He was a rescue from the high-kill animal shelter.  He is the best dog in the world and everyone is crazy about him. He is very smart, and good-natured, hes more than jsut a dog, hes like a little angel. He is gentle and friendly to all humans and dogs and cats. He has traveled with me all over the country on planes, trains, even a bus one time due to an airport closure. He is portable, easy to take care of and very adventurous. He sheds fur like crazy and need brushing all the time. His fur will cover the whole house if left un-checked. I use a swiffer alot and furniture wipes and brush him alot. He cant help his shedding. When he was younger, we went hiking every weekend and hour long walks every day. He can rock-climb, swim, and hike for miles. He is very quiet, and didnt even bark until we moved to a house with another dog who barked and he started barkng with her at the gate. But he is not an excessive barker at all. He is not aggressive at all as some others descirbed their chugs. I think it is not the breed that is aggressive. When I first got him he was totally wild and couldnt walk on a leash. He could jump really high onto the kitchen counters when he was young and steal any food that wasnt in a cabinet. He was very athletic. Even though they are small, they need to burn off their energy every day on a long walk. Now he is suffering from BREATHING DIFFICULTY for the past year off and on. I have been maintaing his health for a year, with herbal and holistic remedies. I still have him in good health when they wanted to put him down a year ago. Except for the occasional wheezing and snoring, he acts like a puppy and is so happy. As soon as they start snoring, go to the vet and check it out. I went to 6 vets before I found one I liked who listened and didnt just want to put him down. Mainly I keep him well with the home remedies. REMEDIES I USE;

 -NuVet dog supplement powder, it is a mix of supplements that help dogs with tumors, cancers and illnesses. It contains all of the stuff to help dogs fight cancer.  (

-Rescue Remedy, and L-Theanine to keep him calm and not breathing too hard. (

- Licorice oil drops for soothing his throat (

-Colloidal Silver, to get rid of tumors, growths and infections ( highly reccomend this)

-NEM or natural eggshell membrane for the natural collagen to supprt his windpipe ( 

-Cold-pressed, high lignan organic flax oil for omega 3's and health support ( 

-Trachea Support for kidney not grasping the Qi , apparently it is the best blend for his condition, they have many blends available and will even call you on the phone to find out which blend works for your dog.

-Hound honey KC attack syrup

Also I elevate his food bowl on a stack of magazines with a dishcloth on top against a wall so he doesnt have to dip and bend his throat to get the food down. He chokes and gags on his food if he has to bend his neck down to eat it. He keeps his neck straight and eats smoothly. 

I also boil a sauce pan of water every night and turn the heat off after it boils, and drop a teaspoon of Eucalyptus oil ( in the water, take it with a pot holder and holding a dishcloth underneath, I wave it around where he is sitting or set it nearby him on a safe table or shelf of course, and the vapors help him breathe alot. Sometimes I carefully hold him above the pot of steam and make him breathe it in. You could do the exact same thing with a Vick's vaporizer/humidifier too, I just prefer to have the portable sauce pan technique. I try to keep the house really clean of dust and use the eucaylptus pots to clean the air and set it in every room once a day. All of this stuff is really easy and only takes a few minutes a day. 

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  • Judy Gregg - 2017-02-08
    Hi, Autumn! Thanks for the info about your sweet little Chug! I just got one a few days ago and she's just precious! She's so sweet and so smart! When she needs to go outside to pee or poop, she will whine until I take her out and she's ONLY 8 weeks old! I could hardly believe it! I hope I'm lucky enough to have her as long as you've had your sweet baby! Thank you again for the info and recommendations!
  • donna gillespie - 2018-02-20
    I'm getting my first one friday ! Rescue dog. 13lbs they say. He's getting spaded at the vets so i have to wait!
Juliana - 2016-12-09
Does anybody know of back/slip disc problems in a chug

TCowie - 2015-05-11
I just purchased a chug. I just want to make sure that I don't over exercise him. He is nine weeks old, how far can they walk

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-14
    This dogs are fine with daily walks around the block.
  • Janet - 2016-08-03
    My chug is hot natured, he used potty pads if wet outside he does not like wet grass. Really likes his leash, uses it as a tug-of-war toy and walks himself with it. Carried him in a purse for the first year. Have a hard time leaving him when I grocery shop, a little dog friend helped.
Janet - 2016-08-03
I have a 3 year old chug, he is beautiful looks us like a miniature boxer. We use a water sprayer for hair to help with his aggressive nature. He has a girl dog friend that he likes, this has made his aggression tone down a bunch. He is very affectionate to people he knows, but some people he still agrees at the water really helps, even just the water word he knows.

Amber Rands - 2016-07-05
My name is amber mae rands I have a 3 year old chug her name is Chloe she is my therapy dog and I love her to death she is so sweet and cute and spoeold she gos ever waer with me

Jay - 2016-06-13
My Pugwawa or Chug is just turning 8 weeks old and whenever he has his formula he drinks all of it. he is really exited when we get home from school and he is very hyper he loves his squeaky toy and to chew and pull on my ear for some reason but he is very cute and he has little wrinkles on his face. and he really like to charge into our mirrors, he also likes to crawl under our couch. he also likes to play in my room he really loves it when my dad picks him up and holds him, and he doesn't really like it when you rub his tummy but when he is not in his play mood he like to give me kisses on my face,and he is really small right now.

Raji - 2016-06-04
Hi Robin Murray, My Chug is also a finicky eater. Try this: Add a tablespoon or two of wet food into her kibble with each meal (mix it well enough so the wet food is completely mixed with the kibble). It doesn't take much, and she will finish her entire meal in one sitting instead of grazing and picking at her food. I use Nutro's Small Breed Adult for my dog's wet and dry foods. She loves them and we have had great results with this method. Good luck! ***Lucy's FurMomma***

Brook Jayde Benefield - 2015-02-21
my chug is 11 yrs old. her name is myleigh. she is an applehead Chihuahua mixed with pug. she is a sweetheart. and very protective over her momma (me). she loves people. very playful. and very intelligent.

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  • robyn Murray - 2016-05-11
    I have a 2 yr old black chug and she is very smart,she loves to eat her treats but I cannot get her to eat kibbles and bits is there a special kind of dog food they eat? Or is it stubbornis,she is very playful and will sometimes potty outside but still poos inside if anyone can help please
arlene - 2014-01-28
Hi, i have a chug tht my father rescued from the garbage disposer he brought her to me when she was 3mths daughter named her beauty.. she is very playful and loves my daughter but unfortunately my daughter has asthma and lately beauty been shedding so much hair and im afraid im gonna have to give her breaks my heart because i already have a year with her and i love her so im writing here to see if this is normal for a chug and if anyone has any remedy or suggestons on what to do.. i know my daughters health comes first but when my daughter hears we giving her away she starts to cry my daughter has no siblings so beauty is her best friend.. :(

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-28
    She sounds like a great pet, and I would try to alleviate the problem rather than anything else. Because of their heritage they are big shedders. You can't prevent her from shedding but regular grooming can help reduce the amount of hair that falls out. Regularly brush your chug to help remove loose hair. Bathing once a month will help also, but too much bathing can cause dry skin. Still you can use a wet towel and rub your chug's fur. The damp towel will also catch loose hairs.
  • Anonymous - 2014-01-28
    thank you clarice..i will do that.
  • arlene - 2014-01-28
    Thank you clarice, I will do that.. so chugs are big shedders..ohno!!! :'(
  • Alana - 2014-03-27
    Hi Arlene. Before you get rid of your beloved dog, know that it is normal for Pugwawas to be shedders. They lose hair frequently, but if you brush them daily and wash them once every 2 or 3 weeks, they usually are just normal shedders. Do not get rid of your dog; it sounds like your daughter needs her in her life. Best of luck to you, Alana.
  • Barbara Maycott cash - 2014-06-27
    Use flax seed oil. In her food. The SHEDDING WILL STOP. I HAVE AN ENGLISH BULLDOG. HER SHEDDING HAS subsided tremendously. Get it at walmart in the vitamin Area. It's a green bottle. It's only $6 .. In two weeks you'll see a HUGE DIFFERENCE.
  • mike - 2014-09-03
    Barbara could you expand the use of flax seed oil by telling us how much you use and how often,
  • Ms CJ - 2016-02-20
    I rescued my chug now 2 yrs old. I had allergies from her but taking my allergy pills helped me to overcome the allergies. Chugs do shed a lot but I brush my girl every day with a strong thicker type hair brush. Brush every day in the same place. For ex. bathroom or area that your daughter doesn't go in. My niece had & badly abused the little dog. I agreed to take her & find her a good home. Well as u can tell the good home became mine 10 months ago.