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Scottish Fold cats are distinctive and adored, with an outstanding reputation as a great pet cat!
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Sharon - 2012-03-03
I just got my boyfriend a 2 months old Scottish Fold. She's adorable but we are both new owners of cats and could use tips on how to raise her. She's playful and active. Sadly left alone most of the day as we're both at work. I only see her over the weekend. We've had her for three days now. Her loo is the laundry room and she knows where to litter but twice now when I'm over and spending time with my boyfriend either cuddling or watching tv she's litter in a corner in the kitchen. Could she be jealous? Should he disipline her in a any way?
She comes around us on the sofa and plays but when we touch her she'd runaway. I think she's getting used to us. I just want insure we get the ground work right with her.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-03
    She is a kitten and they are funny. I would put a second litter in the kitchen where she went. She is young and at least this way you are insuring that she goes in the litter. She's so young yet - sometimes by the time they realize they have to go - they already did it. So put a second litter in and after a couple of months remove one of the litters. Of course she runs away - that's called 'catch me if you can'. Of course she will jump out and catch you and that is called 'pounce' It is just natural play and the more she is around you - the more she will play and of course just lay around at times. You are at work - she is just amusing herself but for the most part, she is probably sleeping. They don't tell time so don't worry.
  • thurley - 2013-11-05
    if she is dirtying in the kitchen corner put another litter box their but, first clean it really good the floor where she did her business with bleach and a deorderizer then put the box on top of that area so she can not do it their again she will do it in the litter box.2 litter boxes are a good bet because cats will have accidents just like people do. she will get the idea.
  • brennen - 2016-02-11
    spend more time with the cat
elizabeth - 2015-07-05
We Currently have well tamed(hand-raised)serval and F1 savannah for sale. They are very friendly with kids and other home pet, please contact through this email for more information on the kittens

Michelle - 2015-07-03
Scottishfold kittens for adoption.

GIGI - 2014-06-03
At my church some men were working in our kitchen when a panel fell on the floor with several newborn kittens, one i kept and nuorished until weaned. He looked siemese. His name id nrbo.

Julie - 2012-12-08
We have had the pleasure for the last 18 and a half years to share our life with our Scottish Folds. Hildie and Chumley were our first 2 babies in 1994. We bought them together and we had 16 perfect years with chumley (a beautiful brown tabby)until he passed away from kidney failure in 2010. Hildie is eighteen and a half now. She is a silver patch tabby with white. She was a fold to fold breeding and we always worried she would have health problems early on but she didn't. The only problem she has had was one she developed recently and at almost 19 yrs old that is to be expected .She has developed a serious chronic health problem which we are treating. She is doing well and we are thankful for each day we have her. Our folds were very healthy all of their lives. We have a new baby now which we got a year ago from Pegkens Scottish Folds in California and she is a doll. Scottish folds have incredible dispositions. I have had many cats over the years mostly rescue cats that found me. The Folds were the first cats I picked out myself and it has been an incredible experience having them. They are always loving and gentle. They want to be near you but are never over bearing. They are the sweetest cats I have ever owned. Very mellow and devoted. They have very soft thick fur. My Folds have been bred with Brittish short hairs and it is a beautiful combination. They travel well in the car and we have taken them on many trips to the beach where we vacation often. Scottish Folds are extraordinary cats I hope to always have one near me. I have my boyfriend Jeff to thank for reading an article in the newspaper many years ago about Scottish Folds and he said this would be the perfect cat for me. He was right and we have lived happily ever after with our folds!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-12-09
    What an awesome story Julie. I've always wanted to get a Scottish Fold, but always ended up getting whatever showed up at my house:) But I love hearing what a great pet they were for you guys.
ROSIE - 2008-04-06
I have two Scottish Folds who are brothers. They are both neutered. One of them has the folded-ear gene (Milan), and the other has normal ears (Lenny). They are extremely sweet and playful. Lenny is a lot more "hyper" and active than Milan. Sometimes Lenny bullies Milan, which makes me sad, but for the most part they get along well. They will play together and take naps together. Getting two littermates was the best decision I have ever made because they keep each other company while I'm at work. They are both pretty needy and require a lot of affection and time with their human. My only problem is that Milan has the stiff back as a result of faulty breeding. I bought them from a breeder who was a retired veterinarian, but I guess that doesn't guarantee quality breeding stock. They cost A LOT of money, but they are the sweetest guys ever. I highly recommend the Scottish Fold breed.

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  • syd - 2010-04-09
    It doesn't matter how much they cost , they're worth it!
  • Catherine - 2012-05-04
    I'm thinking about getting myself a fold quite soon. I was just wondering why do you say they cost a lot of money.
  • linda - 2012-05-21
    there are sadly some people that dont take breeding seriously, and a breed like scottish fold are only for people who realy care for their health, only using the healthiest cats in mating and NEVER uses fold on fold. here in norway there are about 16- 17 scottish folds in the country and all are very healthy:) and they will stay that way as long as we plan the mating carefully , and uses the best lines:) you should never buy a fold to a low price that is under the normal price, that can mean the kitten has bad lines. my breeding kitten from germany cost me 1200 euros pluss some money for the flight ticket. but l got 200 euroes diskount, because we were two from same country who wanted to buy;)
linda - 2012-05-21
Hi, l'm waiting for my first scottish fold from Germany. she is going to be my first breeding cat:) and l'm looking forward to get a lot of tiny kittens running around the next year.
l live in Norway and we are only three breeders of scottish folds. l'm realy looking forward to get my silver shaded point girl home soon:)
have some pictures of her on my web site..

l have always wanted one ore more of this breed and finaly after a lot of resarch l got one:)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-21
    You will love her - they are wonderful cats with just this real laid back disposition. So soft.
  • linda - 2012-05-21
    yes l know:) another breeder l know have one blue colored fold girl and she realy is adorable, she can shake hands like a dog if you have a good treat:)

    its just to sad people dont know much aboute this breeds health, we in norway are working to gain more new information, so that maby the scottish folds gets more popular;)
mary wilson - 2011-10-01
What do I do if my scotch fold cat has a cold in its eye or a steye? Can you help me in finding a way to help my cat?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-03
    I would take it to the vet. If you don't know what it is for sure as the little fella might need antibiotics.
virginia yocum - 2011-04-23
My daughter has a Scottish Fold that she just rescued. Its coat is so thick that none of our cat grooming tools seem to penetrate it. What type of brush or comb would you suggest? Thanks.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-25
    Just a thought. I had a Balinese with the same problem. None of the cat/dog brushes would go through the coat. I finally just bought a regular womans hairbrush with the rounded tip edges. That worked for me. Good luck. If you find something let us know.
  • Sandra Musser - 2011-04-30
    Thanks so very much! Even our vet, who said that this one is his first Scottish Fold had no clue for us. So we will try your recommendation and I thank you so very much for it!!! Sandy
shanae - 2010-07-12
I own two beautiful black and white scotish fold cats, sylvester and taz, sylvester looks like sylvester off of looney tunes, he is so affectionate with me, he follows me everywhere and even lays on my side wen i am curled up on the couch, he might be sweet at times but wen he wants to play hide your feet cause he loves to bite feet. Taz is a little devil, hence the name TAZ, he is a ball full of energy, he is my husbands cat, they do everything together when my hubby eats he feeds his cat some, wen his cat wants to play he walks up and meows at him. My cat just pesters me until I pet him, and they both attack the dogs from underneath the coffee table, they are fun, lovable, sweet, and spontaneous. I don't know what I would do without them it my life.

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  • andie - 2011-01-16
    I also have a most gorgeous scottish fold her name is kaylee which is the name of a scottish dance but only spelt well different she's the same as she meows until I pet her and I love it she follows me round the house yeah she's mine she loves my husband also but I'm No. 1 had her since a kitten and is now 5 years she sleeps at night by my side on the couch but doesn't like 2 b picked up or cuddled shame but love her all the same she still plays like a kitten loves the string bought her expensive toys but no the string is her fav along with her tunnel I read they are not vocal she is maybe she learned that of our siamese cat anyway as your self I adore my girl and same couldn't imagine life without her.