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The Oriental Shorthair cat is a playful, kitten-like breed that loves giving and receiving attention!
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Genaro Delarosa - 2015-01-29
I have a domestic and wild cat mixed but I am still trying to find a name for this new breed race ,wish I can add a pic

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-01-30
    Would love to see your cat! You should be able to upload a picture, as you are using the Facebook Pet Talk App. There are several domestic x wild cat hybrids, and there's list of the most common ones on the Hybrid Cats page under Types of Hybrids.
Olga Shatokhina - 2014-11-20
Siamese cats are originally used to battle snakes in their homeland. They will efficiently get rid of them, their quick responses helping them avoid the bites, but do not kill and ‘show off’ like other cats would. I have passion for them))

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Pamela Read Arnone - 2014-05-25
Have two Orientals, Princess Athena, and Romeo. For anyone with Allergies, these Cats are much easier to live with. Don't shed as much as domestic cats. Very affectionate and therapeutic for a disabled person. My Romeo will let me love him all day and be happy. Are expensive,  with some medical issues that might be due to breed. Still, am sooooo in Love with my beautiful baby's. Would Love to Share their pictures. Couldn't figure out how to do this on IPad. 

Will try on computer. My Mealy Amazon Baby, who is featured on this web, is happily living with many other birds and now has a boyfriend of her own species. I felt it wasn't right to keep her because she was too wild and needed to be with other birds like her, so I found people who raised and rescued Mealy Amazons. Then I did the same with my Quaker, was lucky to find these beautiful Cats to replace my loss as I missed my birds. I would Highly recommend these Cats to anyone who wants a lovely, affectionate  companion.

Julie - 2010-07-12
Nice snout.