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   This hybrid macaw, the Harlequin x Shamrock Macaw, is rarer than many of the other hybrid macaws, being the offspring of hybrid parents
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James - 2014-02-10
I've saw this hybrid before and they called it a Christmas macaw.

Shy - 2006-09-25
My aunt has one of these. She was given a Shamrock and a Harlequin, both suposedly females. The Shamrock turned out to be a male and they raised 1 chick. She talked to the bird's breeder and the breeder told her the Shamrock/Harlequin cross was called a Christmas Macaw, "because they are mostly reds and greens." However, I don't know how acurate that is.

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  • Harumi - 2012-08-24
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Anonymous - 2009-07-02
I bet it was the quad macaw.

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  • Carlos - 2012-08-24
    you already had a gray? If you rllaey don't have big bird experience you should get it before you get a rllaey big bird. Starting your big bird experience with a H Macaw would be like someone handing you the keys to a Vette.
Audie Siegel - 2009-01-12
Beautiful Birds. They get very close to their owners. They are one person birds. My best friend's mother had one and no one could get near it but her! They talked and carried on. How cool!

jared - 2009-01-09
This one looks like it was under my car doing an oil change. :)

Vince R - 2007-02-11
I would call the harlequin shamrock hybrid a "Copper Fire" as it has all the colors of a piece of copper heated by a hot flame. Due to the rarity of this bird I doubt there actually is a "common" name as yet. So the breeder of course can call it what they will.

Patrick - 2006-09-04
I like HARDROCK MACAW.....Here's another, a CASIO MACAW or CASSIO MACAW.

Fran - 2006-05-15
Why not call it a "Sharlequin"????

marshall baker - 2006-03-24
a 'quaternary' would be a good name for this hybrid.

Elliott - 2006-03-22
they should name it a HARDROCK macaw
HARlequin x shamROCK