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  The Buffwing is a very pretty Macaw, with lots of greens and blues on the body and brilliant reds framing its face!
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Randy Lykins - 2011-11-15
I have what you call a buffwing. The female is aprox. 7-8 years. Looks a lot like the picture however I was told she is a butterscotch macaw. Could you help clear this up?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2011-11-16
    I have never heard of a Butterscotch Macaw. Who told you this, was it a previous owner or someone at a pet store or breeding facility? I would guess that she is actually a Buffwing Macaw, simply because I have never heard of a Butterscotch Macaw.
  • Martin Alain - 2012-01-31
    The Buff wing Macaw is one of the largest Macaws. It is a hybrid cross of the Green Wing and the Buffon.

    We have a Buff wing and it easily rivals the king of macaws (Hyacinth) in size.

    The Buff wing is extremely socialable and outgoing (Green wing trait). You do need to ensure that this bird knows thay you are the boss (step up and step down commands)

    These birds make excellent talkers and are easily trained by their owners. Lots of socialization and out of cage time is what is required.