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   A hand-raised Dutch Blue Lovebird is extremely affectionate and playful. They are an excellent bird for a beginner as they are friendly, hardy, and easy to care for! 
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Mohammed - 2018-09-04
African Love Birds for slae Dutch Blue Peach-faced Lovebird Pair. Interested call 9688948709 Location Chennai

Amy - 2018-04-11
l had a pair of Peach Faced lovebirds, as l was cleaning the cage the female flew off.. they were very close., we decided to get another partner... and happened to find Dutch Blue Lovebird... they immediately got to like each other. Between them l had the joy of watching them courting, and rearing a large family of eight over. She was a wonderful mother. She died a few year ago... But l have tender memories of her and her family on my utube channel... where she is shared and remember for other people who often ask me question about rearing youngs... My channel is Amyart5 and you can watch the joy of the Lovebirds. There are several videos on my Lovebirds...

Alexis - 2016-05-14
i already got one lovebird, should i get another one?

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  • LaBrenda Herny - 2018-01-27
    Alexis, This is up to you. They are good alone as long as you interact w/ them. Can teach them to come out of their cage, Step up on your finger & or perch stick. Perch on your shoulder / pocket / head. it depends on how much you want to interact w/ your love bird. Getting two is something to think about. Do you know if you have a boy or girl? May need a towel over the bird if yo can not turn the bird over in your hand. One finger, feel around pelvic bone. Do the separate easy or are they more firm? Separate easy is a girl - firm is a boy. Have raised Love Birds for years and this can be tricky. Bought two girls, so I thought. Now two years later on their fourth clutch. Now w/ having one already you would be introducing another that were not raised together. If you get another house them together, but be ready to have another cage if they do not get along. E- mail if you would like to talk.
tailah - 2017-12-21
my sister has one and it looks sad so i was hoping to get a friend so i am 9 i will take good cear of it my sister sead she will help me so plz can i have it

Dana - 2017-05-08
Hello, I would love to buy one of these love birds but a female only! Thank you!

marteena - 2017-02-02
i recently adopted two lovebirds and need help identifying their species....can anyone please help? thankyou!!! just email me at

Sophie - 2015-08-15
Hi I'm 13 and I'm thinking of getting a lovebird and I was wondering do I get a pair of Dutch blue lovebirds or just a single one oh and live at my mums every other day and sometimes I'm not there for 4 days do I still get a love bird?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-08-21
    Lovebirds are very social, and will do their best with a companion, especially since you're going to be in and out. They should be fine with that as long as there is someone to take care of them.
  • Ilana - 2015-09-10
    I'm 13 also and I have a Dutch Blue named Rain. She chirps when she's lonely, but she is independent, and is in no pair. When you put them in pairs, they will be ,ore loving to their friend/mate, so be careful. As long as your mom doesn't mind taking the bird out and buy it feed, it will be fine :) Remember, turn off the fans so if it flies, nothing bad happens and keep away from cats and dogs, and larger animals.
Tina Griffin - 2016-07-17
I have two Blue Dutch Love Birds. Female had 3 eggs appr. 27 days ago 1 hatched but other two haven't. My question is how do I know if they are still in the process of being alive inside. Female is still sitting on them. 1st one is growing really fast.

fiona - 2015-09-24
Hi I have just got my 2 6 mth old peach faced love birds. The female stays in the breeding box all the time and attacks the male when he tries to go in or approach her, she even ripped his feathers. He is broody but she doesnt want to know. Is this normal?? Fiona

Mohammed Abdul Jabbar - 2015-08-28
Hi I want a Dutch blue love bird. If any one has plz mail on my Id with phone no