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  "Aussie" is an Austral Conure that is about 5 months old. Aussie was handfed and likes the company of people very much. He is very quiet and sweet tempered, and enjoys being held.
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bird man - 2006-01-20
These type of conures are excellent companions. I myself have one and I'll never regret buying her. I recommend doing a lot of research about conures or any type of bird in that case. Although doing research and what not may be boring, trust me that it will pay off. I hate to say it but it's very common for people to just go out and get a bird thinking that it's a piece of cake :( . [It's not so easy to take care of any pet.] It breaks my heart when I hear about stories where people either give their pet to a shelter or even let it free outside to fend for its self :( . So please, if you put the time and effort into getting yourself a companion, like me you wont reget it :) .

Janet - 2011-04-06
I was given a conure from a friend of my sisters. She told me that she rescued "Baby Bird" from a neighbor that had put "him" under a porch balcony in a caged area, where the wire was hit with rocks, shoes, sticks and whatever else. But she could no longer keep him because she had to move and no pets were allowed. I have read the info you have here on your website. He is not very sociable, but will take food from mine and my kids fingers, but not open hands (he shys away, like he is scared). We have never mistreated him nor intend to ever. However, he has a very HIGH pitch squack, that is ear piercing sometimes. I read here that they use that pitch if feel uncomfortable or insecure. We have had him for about a year now and he is still doing it. He does no tricks, but does attempt to make a noise at night ressembling a kiss somewhat when I cover his cage. Would you happen to have any suggestions as to how I can help him feel more secure and tone done his pitch. Thank you very much for your time. Janet Gibson P.S. We even have other birds that are in the same area he is located and that he can associate with.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-06
    Conures are notorius for making noise. They are very expressive so watch him and eventually he will make sure his human is trained. You can feed him with your fingers so try and get him to come into the palm of your hand by placing the treat in your palm. Alternative is to just grab him like you would a kitten and hold him to your heart. When he settles, gently pet the top of his head and sides of his face. His feathers will fluff up. Be patient and go slow. Sounds like he is hand shy. Possibly because he never learned or somehow was frightened. They are smart birds and react to affection. They are strongly bonded to their human so just try and hold the little fella.
Anne Niewola - 2006-02-17
Thank you for your beautiful site with so many different conures. For years I have been wondering what type of conure I bought years ago. When I bought "Harvey" the pet store people really had no idea what it was- they told me "she"(I never had her sexed so she might have been a he ) was a maroon bellied or a green cheek.I had Harvey for about 4 years and I have never had so much fun with a bird in my life. Her favorite thing to do was to fly from her cage first thing in the morning and land on my dad's head (he was bald so the landings left a little to be desired lol) then climb down to his shoulder and clean his ears. After she had done that she would watch my dad's hand, waiting for him to raise his coffee mug to get a sip of coffee. Imagine his surprise the first time he got a mouthful of Harvey's feathered head instead of coffee. She was also known to unlock her cage and chase any cats that got to close- I think she was a hawk in a past life! Thank you again.