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The Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish has the truest blues you will ever see on a freshwater fish!
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Linda Hindman - 2018-01-11
How do I buy these fish?

Karleigh Friesen - 2012-12-23
HI! I just purchased three kubutu rainbows and three boesmani rainbows, as well as several other types of tetras. The rainbows and tetras get along great, but I have noticed that one of the kubutu rainbows has become a bully and is VERY territorial. I think they are too young to sex, so any ideas? Would it be better to have several of one type? Or keep the three of both kinds?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-12-23
    I would add some more kubutu.  They prefer larger groups.
  • Ludwig Orapawa - 2013-11-02
    Currently working hard to restore lake kutubu.
Desi - 2008-01-14
They are beautiful active fish with a great blue color. My pH is 7.2 and the temp is 80. They also get along with other community fish great!