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The Zipper Loach has a beautiful patterning when it is young that looks just like a zipper!
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mike - 2017-01-26
I bought 3 about a month ago to go in my 50 gal planted tank with blood red parrot fish, 2 angels, cherry barbs, tetras, red tail shark, zebras, and corys. since I put them in I haven't seen 1 of them, a second just started coming out a week ago, and the 3rd has always been out and sits in the tank and watches me. the weird thing is, the 2nd one has barely grown, but the 1 that has been very social has grown like a bad weed. he was the same size when I put him in, but is now at least 4 times bigger than the other now.

Frank M. Greco - 2006-10-27
I am maintaining a group of 8 without incident. They are highly social loaches and do no damage to each other. I would suggest keeping a minimum of 5, providing you have enough room to do so (they reach about 4.5" TL). Definitely a good loach for beginners.

Kim DaFoe - 2013-04-28
I have 2 Zipper Loaches, the male has more of a red tint to this fins. The female is a washed out version of the male. I know I have 1 male & 1 female because, while doing my monthly deep clean , I found a Zipper Loach fry! He has gone back into hiding so I'm not sure if there are others.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-28
    That is so cool! I hope you see more and that they are able to grow up:)
sharhin islam 2005oct10 - 2005-10-19
I love this fish. they are really big, but very diffucult to keep.