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The Albino Tiger Barb is active and playful, making a lively aquarium when kept in a school!
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Kurt - 2016-01-11
I have 2 regular tiger barbs 1 albino barb and 1 green barbs.. 1 of the regular one is chasing thr other 3 .. What can i do please

Kianie - 2014-12-28
I have two regular tiger barbs, a green tiger barb, and an albino tiger barb and the albino one seems to be picking on the other regular barbs a lot. How do I stop him?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-12-29
    Barbs are fast nippy fish, but hang out with  and chase their own kind mostly. The best things to do are increase the number of barbs to at least 7, and then make sure you have some plants to offer hiding places.
karen nott - 2009-04-14
I have a albino barb and a tiger barb in my tank, and up until recently, I had a red tailed shark, which I have had to remove because of constant nipping and chasing. My albino barb has been the only one that has been nipped, and as a result, has lost his lower finn and his lower tail. Does anyone know, or have advice about what we can do to help him recover back to normality, so to speak, as he is struggling to swim. Many Thanks.

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  • Kerem - 2010-05-17
    It might be PAINFUL for the poor thing treat it only if it didn't die ok thanks.
  • m freeman - 2010-06-08
    I too have the same problem at the moment I am using something called melafix antibaterial fish remedy and it does help them grow back their tails and fins.
  • Harrison Graydon - 2010-11-25
    You need, and I emphasize need, 5 or more tiger barbs in a tank, or else they will nip each other and other fish incessantly in the tank. I currently own 10, and it's worth it to own lots, as they are very interesting fish to own when in a large group, their behavior is very interesting.
  • Matt - 2011-01-06
    Personally I have an assortment of barbs in my tank such as the albino and the branded barb. The albino is not a very aggressive tiger barb and will not nip at fins etc. But the tiger barb will, personally the best you can you is either choose between a tank of tiger barbs or albino and a mixture with other fish but make sure they are similar to the barb family!
  • Michael Brown - 2011-08-21
    If you have 6 to 8 tigers they will not bother any other fish I have tigers with long finned fish and they don't bother them at all I hope this helps you.
  • Anonymous - 2014-10-07
    Get at least 10-12 more to stop nipping
chris - 2004-11-02
I have 2 Albino Tiger Barbs and 1 Tiger Barb in a 15 gallon tank. They are in there with a Red Flame Honey Gourami and a Rainbow shark. Surprising they do not nip at his fins like so many rumors say they do. They are great fish and very energetic and cheap too! I got mine for 99 cents apiece. I recommend these to anyone.

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  • Katie - 2012-06-23
    In my oppinion that is too small of a tank for that many fish. 15 gallons is not enough. I have a problem With my Albino Tiger Barbs too. I have 4 albino tiger barbs in one (20 gallon) tank. I have a bubbler and another ornament. The fish keep messing with one another a little too rough sometimes and tried to eat my other fish wich now in a different tank with neon tetras. One of them has tattered fins so bad she can hardly swim and kinda stays near the top of the tank. To toarrow morning we were gonna clean the tank and see what happened. I think she might have fin rot but I am not sure. We have a filter and heater but don't have test strips. We feed them flakes but she started pooping more and it is stringy. Can any one help?
  • Breezy - 2013-03-16
    If the school of fish is not big enough then they will start picking on other fish. I have a school of 12 barbs, 4 albino tiger barbs,4 regular tiger barbs and 4 green tiger barbs and they leave my fish alone.
fish - 2012-03-31
Tigers are safe with long finned fish once they are used to their surroundings and are in a large group. This will give them something else to do rather than nip other fish.

Goh88 - 2012-01-27
Can I breed a albino barb with a tiger barb?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
    They have to do the breeding (joking a little) but yes they probably will.
-[?]- - 2005-07-26
My first tropical fish. they are pretty easy to keep with other fish but they nip on fins and that sucks. they killed my mollies, pleco, and sharks. Pretty good eaters and fast swimmers avoiding predators, but they will become the predator.

jenni - 2007-10-16
If you are looking into getting an albino tiger, get one! I think they are very different grom normal tigers because they are not as mean and nasty to other tank mates. I have two with two red fined sharks, platy, guppies, mollies, and heaps of loaches and catfish. So get some! i get all my fish from pets on tingal, they are great and cheap! bye jenni

Tyler - 2007-01-05
I have 20 albino tiger barbs with 4 albino corys, 2 albino channel catfish, and 1 albino rainbow shark. Well, even in this large number, they will still nip fins. I added 2 chinese hi-fin sharks, and they were pestered and nipped at by all of the tigers until i moved them to another tank. They are very enjoyable fish to keep, and a joy to watch at feeding time. I don't recommend them as a community fish as they will always nip the fins of other fish, but keeping them in a species tank is good.

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  • \"Shaun\" - 2010-05-17
    I do not think that that is true. It may have been the same reason as a lot of other fish. If you have had all of the same fish for a long time, they become a family. I have noticed when this happens with my fish. They will attack any intruders that they are not used to. They may leave them alone a little bit later or they may just kill them. It is sad but they are just trying to protect their family.
SuperLimpet23 - 2006-06-06
I have recently brought three green and an albino tiger barb and put them in a tank with our two regular tigers. They have shoaled together really well and our regular tigers are now fighting less. I also have a red-tail black shark and eight live-bearers, none of which have received any grief from the barbs, but our two angel fish did. Don't mix barbs with fish with long fins such as the siamese fighting fish. Ideally barbs should be the last additions to a community tank.
All barbs make beautiful and fastinating additions to any tank.