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The Red Empress is favorite Utaka cichlid from Lake Malawi, with males that display bright variations of rainbow color!
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stuart - 2013-09-20
I have a Red Empress that is about 4' long. I have been hoping that it is a male for obvious reasons and until about one month ago I thought it was. It is predominantly silver but has the blue sheen over the whole body which I think is getting darker (maybe wishful thinking) and slightly pointed dorsal and anal fins. However about one month ago I found that it had a mouthful of eggs. Now I really don't know....

quicky2g - 2011-01-19
I have this in a 75 gallon with other mbuna's and it is thriving! It is slightly larger than the rest of my mbuna's so it has taken the role as "King of the tank" but he doesn't actively chase any of my fish or take chunks out of their fins...he just chases away random fish that get close to him every once in a while.

These fish aren't what they look like in the picture when you get them young. They are completely silver and somewhat drab looking but they change color over 4-6 months. Mine is still changing but the color now is absolutely gorgeous! Give it time to change and you'll be glad you did.

They're very hardy and will eat just about any kind of flake or live food you give them but mine prefers more protein in his diet. Mine goes crazy for frozen blood worms and dried tubifex worm cubes.

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  • Specter99 - 2012-09-03
    My plan is when your red empress get to aggressive you should have another tank to separate the two fish please say something back please!!