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The Livingstoni Cichlid is a very tricky fish. It is an ambush predator that will 'play dead' and snatch unsuspecting small fish!
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dotty - 2012-06-20
My livingstonii is a very dark blue all over he still has the dark patches but they are hard to see.

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  • Michael Clarke - 2013-12-13
    Maybe it's a venistus  cichlid instead?
  • Brian - 2017-03-01
    When livingstoni are in breeding dress or feeling dominant they can completely loose their dark patches and look like a totally different fish.
Christopher - 2015-08-19
I got a livigstoni every time I buy another one after a few hours he kill it.

Tristan - 2012-05-20
I am having problems moving my livingstoni to a 5ft tank contaning mbunas and haps ,but every time i put him back into the tank he gets bullied by the red zebra and the next morning he is sick what should i do.

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  • simzdrac - 2014-05-22
    Place it in the other tank...don't let it be scared and bullied by it soon...put in aquarium salt depending on the size of the tank...if it is continuously bullied, not a good idea...
  • simz - 2014-05-22
    Place it into other tank...let it be alone...put some aquarium salt depending on the size of an aquarium...example 1 spoon to 28litres of water...add in vitamin it soon as possible...
Seth - 2014-01-12
My two livingstonii cichlids do fine in my 300 gallon tank they are mixed with mbuna has and peacocks I've found that my undergravel filtration system is more than enough to keep water conditions optimal when used with power heads and crushed coral I've found that my livingstonii cichlids are more docile compared to other peacocks and haps

Cichlids beginner - 2013-05-03
Hi my tank is only 1 month old. I have 2 livingstonii, 2 strawberries, 2 cobalt blue & 2 ob peacock. Today I introduced the 2nd livingstonii into the tank with the 2nd strawberry and he has started fighting with the other one. The one I introduced today is slightly bigger in size but they are opening their mouths and well it looks like they are kissing. Is it safe to keep them in a mixed tank? There will be 15 cichlids in total but have been gathering a few each week

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-05-03
    Make sure to have plenty of hiding places.  These fish are territorial and need their own space.  They will fight over territory and during breeding.  Sometimes re-arranging the tank will stop the fighting as well.  Give them something else to focus on.
Roberto - 2007-11-08
I have a pair of large livingstonii in a crowded community tank. Constant water changes and a very powerful filtration system keeps the water clean and the fish happy. I have the pair mixed with both colorful haps and mbunas. They mix well together, also my fish are tank bred and seem to have lost their predatory tendencies. This pair is a breeding pair and has produced many ofspring when separated into my breeder tank. They do very well in community tanks, however they are very peaceful, so please do not mix them with large south american cichlids as they will get killed at the adult stage. Trust me, try I have. At least this is my experience with this fish, African cichlids are very adaptable fish.

Tina Mason - 2005-07-29
I've just recently discovered an interest in African Cichlids.
I have yet to learn the latin names. I have a 60 gal tank w/:
6-Cory's(mixed variety)
1-rubber-lipped Plecostamus
3-Polka dot Botia
My Livingstonii and one horseface take turns ruling the tank.

tre - 2004-09-16
my livingston is the king of my tank...granted the tank is still new. I have 2 zebras,1 african hap,1 african jewell and 1 algae eater. none of the fish mess with the algae for he is the biggest of the tank...then again he just hangs out in a cave a the bottom of the tank.