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The Flag Cichlid or Festivum is a "merry" and very distinguished long-time aquarium pet!
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walter pierrot - 2017-10-09
I follow your guide all the time. FLAG is hard to come by, I have one and have him share a 29G with a young SEVERUM; after some 8 weeks ok, now the severum shows evil caracter. Had a 6' Severum in 40G with 1 Gourami and 2 Angels. Severum bumped the Gouramis to the point that he ended. What I say: There are many exceptions to the rules with Gourami and Severum

Paul Nutt - 2016-04-08
look for Flag/Festivum cichlids to purchase

Sarah Mildred Landgraff - 2012-04-07
I love love love my festivums. I have 40 gal live planted tank. They're doing amazing with their tank mates. That includes two gold angels, two gold ram cichlids (male) two electric blue ram cichlids (male), five rosy barbs, 4 cory cats, a hand full of snials and one very bossy male betta. They eat a very wide selection for freeze, fresh and flaked foods. They never chase or compete for food. Did I mentioned I simply love them?

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  • Ana - 2012-06-11
    What kind of Cichlid are you referring to? While African Cichlids from the three main lakes (Malawi, Tanganyika, and Victoria) do best in hard, aalilkne water, there are also South American Cichlids which do best in softer, acidic water like yours. I suggest going for South American species so you don't have to toy with your pH at all, but if you have your heart set on Africans (be prepared for aggression), it shouldn't take more than a week for the pH to shift to a relatively high point. Though it will continue to rise for a while, it will be gradual enough that it is safe for the fish.
lindsay - 2013-02-06
hi i've got two flag cichlid had just over a year jst recently i've noticed there underside of neck gone a red colour and really quite i do regular water changes and test water weekly its good is it normal thanks

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-02-06
    Sound like the species you have may be a Dwarf Flag Cichlid, known as the Red-Breasted Acara, Laetacara dorsigera.
Anonymous - 2012-11-17
I got a festivum and severum in a 6 foot tank both about 5 inch long. Got told they would be great tank mates and the did get along fine for awhile but now the festivum chases the severum around constantly. So I will be rehoming the festivum. So no festivum aren't always the peaceful community fish like it says on most sites.

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-17
    They are usually peaceful if in groups or pairs.  Living singly will stress them out and either make them with withdraw or go the way yours did. 
sam - 2009-07-06
Hello. I don't believe everything people say about festivum cichlids, like they are peaceful. I have a 180 litre fluval vicenza auqarium with a fluval 205 external canister filter and my tank is heavily planted and well structured with drift wood. I have now 3 firemouth cichlids (use to be 5), 2 blood parrot cichlids, 2 plecos, 1 striped talking catfish, and the 2 festivum cichlids. For about the first few months my festives were fine and peacful but now perry (they are called perry and jerry), the smallest fish in my tank, has turned quite grumpy over "his side of the tank" and he attacks my firemouths and my other fsetivum and sometimes my blood parrots. But my firemouths and bps fight back to my little 1.5inch bastard. So it proves once a fish, no matter what kind, can become territorial over a certain spot. He's a laugh and never hurts the other fish just is a grumpy cocky little buggar. Soon I'm going to add some angelfish, gouramis, catfish, bala sharks, keyhole cichlids, and a few other fishes and I'll see how perry reacts to them, haha. Well don't buy a fish cause it looks cute, because perry is so cute, but it's like having a chihuahuas cute body but a rottweilers temper trapped in this cute little body haha.

Bren - 2009-09-14
I have had my Festivum for quite some months now. He lives in a 3 foot tank with a variety of fish including a small blue ram, keyhole cichlid, clown loaches, hoplo catfish, Australian gudgeons, kribensis, and ghost knife. I have never found him to be hugely aggressive to other fish other than very small feeder's like mosquito fish (He also doesn't like angels). They are one of the most stunning and peaceful American cichlid's I have kept. With appropriate tank mates (no smaller than an adult platy) this fish would fit in well with almost any community tank.

Aquarius - 2009-06-17
I have a freshwater community environment in my heavily-planted 125 gallon tank, which includes 6 adult festivum cichlids, 6 adult congo tetras, about a dozen small cherry barbs, some miscellaneous corydorus catfish and medium-sized tetras, and some pearl gouramis. Everyone gets along well together with very little harassment or territoriality. One pair of the festivum have spawned on large plant leaves (Amazon sword) at least three times, and apparently have eaten all eggs after the second day (although I

sam - 2009-05-22
I've been keeping tropical fish for over 10 years and I've bred many types including discus. The tetras will be fine for a while until the cichlids grow, then they can eat them. All the cichlids I have are slow growers and black neons grow to 2.5inches.

Anonymous - 2009-05-16
Dear Sam, adding "largeish tetras" to a cichlid tank is the dumbest thing you can do. Especially neons and x ray tetras. Neons and x ray tetras don't grow more than an inch and a half. The ONLY tetra that could be added to your tank is a congo tetra and even then the cichlids might nip at the congo tetra's fins.