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The Aulonocara Fort Maguire can be quite variable, but is gorgeous in any of its natural colorings!
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quicky2g - 2011-01-18
I had 2 of them. The smaller of the 2 got picked on a bit by the larger. I'm trying to get an all-male cichlid tank with a variety of different mbuna's, peacock's, and hap's so I traded the less dominant one. I tried moving the 2nd one I had to a different tank for different color mixing and it died 2-3 weeks later and I never determined why. He wasn't getting picked on and kept eating the same food with very similar water conditions. I wish I still had that one though. They are very fun and lively fish with great color.

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  • Sicklid shaytown - 2017-06-04
    I purchased a brood of 16 from a local breeder. Out of the 16 brothers and sisiters there were 6 males and the rest were females. I have two fifty gallons tanks. At first all the siblings got along well with the expected pecking order but nothing extrem. Then they got bigger and started to get more aggressive so i split them up between the tanks. Its been about 4 yesrs since i got the 16 and now there are only 3 of the original fish left. 2 males and one female. They had some fry but many were eaten i think by the males and now there are also 2 "baby" females. These that i have seem to be agressive to males and females alike. The females are beaten up and spend a lot of time hiding or getting chased around which makes them look tattered. Most likely gonna upgrade tank size. But the males are beautiful and between the two alpha males they have their own distinct markings.