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   These intriguing little squirrels have a large fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a parachute and glide from tree branch to tree branch, thus their name "flying squirrel"!
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Kim Scott - 2017-04-23
Hello, Looking for a female southern flying squirrel to give my little male a friend. Not looking to breed so age does not matter. I live in the Tampa Bay area in FL. Thank you!

Melissa - 2015-12-30
Male and female flying squirrels to rehome. Located in Jacksonville, FL. Will not ship.

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  • Jason - 2016-01-21
    Do you still have the flying squirrels
  • kim - 2016-02-04
    i am a rehabber for state of florida and looking for another flyer as a buddy for one i have that is lonely. please contact me at
  • C tillery - 2016-02-20
    I am very interested n will travel if a must
  • Chris - 2016-02-28
    Hey I was wondering if you still have your flying squirrel for rehoming ? If so I'm Vee interested
  • Jana - 2016-03-15
    Hello I would love to have a couple of flyers, do you have any for sale?
  • Jana - 2016-03-15
    Hello I would love to have a couple of flyers, do you have any for sale?
  • Libby - 2016-12-30
    Would love to rehouse your babies if you still have them. I have a male I Raised after he lost his family to a storm. he is about 3 months old and very tame.
  • angela - 2017-02-15
    looking for female flying squirrel have lonely male, live near Jacksonville, please reply will travel to you from Palatka 50 miles south of jax, serious buyer
  • Debbie Davis - 2017-04-06
    Are they still available? And how old? Where at in Jax?
Linda Bennett - 2017-04-05
I would like to purchase a baby southern flying squirrel for my husband. It would need to be shipped to Jacksonville, Fl. We are a very pet friendly household and it would be a wonderful addition to my household. Please let me know if you have any babies available. Lindy

carolyn - 2017-03-13
Please I am desperately searching for a flying squirrel baby in the NY, NJ, PA, Ohio area because I want to drive to pick it up and not have it shipped, if you have babies in those states please, please, please contact me. Thank you so much.

Nicole - 2017-02-21
Im looking at purchasing a Southern flying squirrel from a good breeder please feel free to send me any info thank you!

Greg - 2017-02-01
Looking for the youngest Southern flying squirrel possible sister-in-law was given one by guest at my restaurant was injured when it was given to her only live two weeks never seen her more devastated willing to negotiate prices

Kerstin - 2016-01-12
Hey- I'm looking for a young flying squirrel. He or she would have an amazing loving home. I am willing to talk about prices. I live in Bowling Green, OH and am willing to drive 2 hours or pay for shipping! Thanks! :)

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  • BJ Croom - 2017-01-13
    Please please help me get a female and a male really young babie squirell. I have raised several that I have found in the horse pasture but this year, no luck. Please call me with your info and about one or two babies please. 318-447-4790
Missy - 2016-12-14
I'm in Jacksonville, FL. I have a female southern flying squirrel about 3 months old (raised from a pinky after hurricane Hermine) in willing to breed, but not sell. Anyone have an eligible bachelor?

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  • Libby - 2016-12-30
    Had a friend that bought a companion for her female flying squirrel. She did not interduce them before hand and the next day the little boy was dead. Be Carefull and let them get to know each other first. I don't know long this process takes but I am sure you can fine the answer if you want to know.
    I have a little boy that lost his family after Mathew came thru Charleston and I am looking for a companion for him. I have a small cage I intend to place in his cage and this way they can interact but not hurt each other. i wish you luck with your baby.
Kim Tibbs - 2016-11-17
Looking for a flying squirrel near Orlando

Beth - 2016-09-28
For Sale a large walk in habitat and 6 southern flying squirrels 2 males 4 femalesthey are very healthy just don't have time to spend with them I live in Northern Arkansas. If you want to start raising these sweet creatures contact me I will only a sell as a complete community and habitat for $500.00 I Will not separate you must pick up and be a responsible pet owner you can contact me at