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   These intriguing little squirrels have a large fold of furred skin stretching from their forefeet to their hind feet which they spread out like a parachute and glide from tree branch to tree branch, thus their name "flying squirrel"!
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Rosero - 2018-04-11
i am Looking forward in selling my 3 babies squirrels they are just so cute for any home. you could drive to pickup the babi in CO. i also will ship for person. Text me on (719) 245-8280

Rosero - 2018-04-10
My mama squirrel just gave birth to cute little babies, am looking to having a new home for them, anyone who could drive to pick up the babies, i also do ship for does won't be able to drive. Text me anytime (719) 245-8280

maka - 2018-04-06
Hi I am looking for a flying squirrel in NJ or around 400 emails, I have a girl and want buy companion for her . will drive to meet or pick up. Please call or txt (2019520751) with availability and cost. Thank you for your time.

Mark thompson - 2018-03-01
Hi I am looking for a flying squirrel in East tn or west nc. I had one in the past and just love them. I live in pigeon forge tn and do not mind a mild drive to meet or pick up. Please call or txt (8656965994) with avalibility and cost. Thank you for your time.

Claralene Duvall - 2016-02-01
Have several flying squirrels in Tennessee! Contact me if interested.

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  • Claralene Duvall - 2016-02-01
    Have several flying squirrels for sell in East Tennessee.Contact me if interested at Thanks
  • Madison fontaine - 2016-02-26
    Will you ship them?
  • mak - 2016-02-18
    I looking for a flying squirrel for my girl bday. so you have any ? if so how much and i dont mind paying for shipping . Thanks
  • mark - 2016-02-18
    so u still have any flying squirrels ? If so how do i go about contacting you personally . I trying to get one for my girl bday. thanks
  • john enders - 2016-03-06
    Please contact me about the flying squirrels 8607295522
  • Tom Jones - 2016-04-10
    Please contact me if you still have critters left. Thx THJones. Tom Jones 8707186596
  • Kimberly Mitchell - 2017-10-16
    Do you have anymore flyers? I am very interested.

    Please email at
  • Lindsay Abel - 2017-11-09
    Hi I'm am looking for a baby flying squirrel doesn't matter what sex. If anyone has any available please text me 9043250937
  • Luci Blackburn - 2018-02-15
    Charlene , we are interested in a baby flying squirrel . if you still have one available we can drive out to pick it up . Male or female is fine . you can email or text/phone 585-330-4191 . thanks so much . Luci
  • Pam shaw - 2018-02-15
    I am looking for a southern fly squirrel. I have rescued a 4 week old flyer that had to have his leg amputated. I Would love for him to have a friend to grow up with.
  • Taria Netherton - 2018-02-18
    Live in Georgia! Would love a female for my rescue male who is about 8-9 months old. I plan to release any babies onto my acreage at their correct ages. I have many other fur babies and woud love for him to have everything a little squirrel needs. Including a lady every now and then ;) please text or call at your convenience: 706-938-4377
Ruben Varela - 2018-02-14
I live in Texas and I'm looking to buy a male baby flying squirrel. I've been struggling to find a breeder in my area, and have had no success online either. They're the perfect pocket pet and I really do want one.

Laurie Wallace - 2018-01-14
Hi,my name is Laurie Wallace..I am looking to purchase a baby Southern Flying Squirrel.It is between an Eastern Grey Squirrel or a Flyer. I do not have a preference in the sex..Just a happy, healthy baby..I have experience with wildlife, as my Grandfather worked for Pa. Game Commission. I had my Grey Squirrel Stewart 15 yrs..From baby through adulthood. I am looking to form a bond with another squirrel, as my heart and life became empty 4 yrs. ago when Stewart died, I need to fill the void in my life again..My new squirrel would have my undidvided attention and a life full of love and happiness. Anyone who reads this and has a baby squirrel of either species, please contact me regarding purchase.. Thankyou for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Laurie Wallace

Samantha - 2017-11-21
Hello I am looking for a pet squirrel of any kind preferably a baby and just your average squirrel, but it does not matter all that much I just need one for my father. I would love to get it before christmas or before January. I live in lower AL and I am hopefully be able to drive it just depends on my family but I would greatly appreciate it if you could ship the pet.

Juan - 2017-11-20
I am looking for a baby southern flying squirrel in Florida, I am willing to pick up anywhere in Florida. Please contact Juan @(305)967-2237

Sydney - 2017-11-17
Hi I'm looking for a baby flying squirrel. I'm located in IL and willing to drive.