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   The Gray Squirrel is perhaps the most familiar of all squirrels!
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Kat Janovski - 2019-08-29
I recently lost my sweet pet squirrel, Milo, to old age. I am heartbroken and want to acquire another one. I am in Mobile, Alabama. If anyone has any for sale, please email me: We will go from there!!!

carlosmyers - 2019-04-07
6 weeks old Baby Eastern squirrels for sale. I have a pair, one male one female. They have been weaned off of their bottle and are now eating rodent blocks,peanuts etc and drinking water from the bottle. You can choose the female for $150 plus shipping or male for $100 plus shipping. I prefer to sell them both together but it's ok if you just want one.For more info call the (906)7 748-9446 or email via

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  • Jennifer Pruitt - 2019-04-10
    Do you still have the squirrels for sale and do you ship. If so what is the cost to ship?
  • Josh - 2019-08-04
    Hi I was intrested in buying the male squirrel
  • Josh - 2019-08-04
    I was intrested in buying the male squirrel
  • Josh mckeown - 2019-08-04
    I was intrested in buying the male squirrel
  • Carlos - 2019-04-20
    I am interested can you send pictures I live in miami . Email
  • Anonymous - 2019-04-20
    Interested in the male. Is he still available? What is the shipping cost to area code 44622?
  • Anonymous - 2019-04-21
    hello,sorry for the late responds
    the babies are still available please kindly get back to us via email @
  • Tony - 2019-05-29
    Any squirrels left?
ssexoticsinc - 2019-07-23

We are a specialized in SQUIRREL BREEDING,We breed and sale squirrels of the following breeds.

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Grey Squirrel
American Red Squirrel

Contact us for prices , availability , shipping or pickup.....

we allow personal pick ups and can arrange transportation for out of state homes.

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Zach Bowman - 2019-07-07
I would love to adopt a baby eastern grey squirrel! Just contact me at my email

Lynn - 2019-03-18
Do not buy a squirrel from takirs exotics and animal ranch they are scammers. It is 'Mary Shakespeare and Benson' they just changed names.😡👿

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  • Miss - 2019-06-27
    I almost did buy from Takirs, when they said the would ship from tx to nh in 2 hrs...huge red flag!
mathew - 2018-08-18
Hey guys am new here,visited site last week and got scammed of $640 but lukily for me i met James who had beautiful litters available which he was selling. So i got a baby from him for just $520. If anyone here will like to get a grey squirrel contact this guy he got very healthy babies am so happy to have met you James James (630) 296-6804

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  • Stephanie Lashmit - 2019-06-22
    where is he located? looking for an eastern gray squirrel. thanks!
Jennifer Pruitt - 2019-02-22
Do not buy a squirrel from Mary Shakespeare or Benson they took my money and I got the run around 'it's a scam'.

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  • Toni Scudero - 2019-06-19
    Did you ever find any baby squirrels
Trinity - 2019-05-06
Currently in search of a young Eastern Gray Squirrel to adopt into a forever home :) If you have any available please email me at Thanks!

Carlos vieira - 2019-04-20
Would like to adopt a baby eastern grey squirrel. I live in Miami, my email

Alanna - 2019-04-19
Experienced squirrel owner, currently looking for a baby/young female eastern grey squirrel in or around the Maryland area. Willing to drive out of state for pickup. If you are a breeder or have any leads, please let me know. Thank you.