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   The American Red Squirrel is adorable, a lively little 'chittering" critter!
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Luke - 2019-04-28
We have baby flying squirrels living in our attic. I'm wondering how to tell if the parents are still alive or not? If not I'd like to learn the best way to take care of them and reintroduce them to the wild.

Alisha - 2018-10-03
I have 1 girl and 3 boy ferret kits still available for reservation from my summer ferret litter that will ready for new homes in a few weeks. Their parents are a large champagne male and their albino mother on the smaller side, both parents are unrelated and originally imported from the US. The kits will be handled, socialized, had baths, started on litter training and had first rounds of flea, mite and worm prevention treatments. These kits are raised, fed and weaned naturally, mostly on raw turkey/chicken including bones and organs with some all meat canned and grain free kibble. Do a search on how the ferret mills really breed/feed and fix the ferrets sold in stores and the all the health problems that result and you will see why this a big difference in the health and well being of the kits! De-scenting is a needless surgery, ferrets don't spray and it does nothing in reducing their smell, females smell much less then males though and a proper diet help a lot as well! A good diet and an occasional bath goes a long way, and neutering in males if you feel it needed. If local I have a couple starter packages available that include a gently used starter cage, good for training wile they are young or if free roaming in a room but otherwise should have a larger size once they get older, and the smaller cage used for travel, cleaning etc. pack prices will vary based on the cage and will include; cage, water bottle, food dish, safe litter, litter box, hammock, shampoo, and some toys. I am also making some custom cages for my own ferrets with galvanized wire mesh and could possibly make a specific size or multi level design if wanted, sides can be either 1'x1' or 1'x2' with levels being 1/2'x1/2' galvanized after welded wire since it is more resistant to rust though it can be covered with linoleum or a fleece liner if you wish. Price will depend on size/levels/metal or plastic pan and number of doors you want. Send me an idea of what design you want and I can give you an idea on cost:-). Kits will be $220 each, with a deposit of $100 to reserve a kit, threw E-transfe etc. I can meet in the lower mainland of Naperville, possibly further, Or ship within US using Delta Cargo which costs about $130 for the flight and shipping crate for 1 or 2 kits.. Email or txt with any questions via Thanks

Christine - 2018-09-05
I had a red squirrel, that was given to me as a rescue. She was just a baby, fallen out of a tree, mother had abandoned her. I called her Marty. She bonded and imprinted on me, and followed me all over my house. I fed her Henry Blocks and gave her healthy vegetables, as well. Marty had all sorts of chew toys, and would cuddle and fall asleep in my slippers. She was my cat's buddy. Sadly, she just passed away this weekend, after just 2.5 years. Marty was very special and near and dear to my heart. I miss her, but would love to raise another. Please contact me if you are trying to find a new pet parent for a red squirrel.

Anna - 2018-05-10
i have southern grey for sale. get to me for price and pickup.

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  • Joshua - 2018-08-01
    Hi I am looking to buy a grey or red squirrel for a pet do you ship how much
  • Mary - 2018-08-03
    please do write me via email so we can talk more ,
Heather Boileau - 2018-06-20
I have raised many squirrels. How much 4 the squirral plus shipping

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  • Mary shakespeare - 2018-06-21
    squirrels available.
    southern and eastern greys
    flying squirrels

    live a text and we call you back
  • Mary shakespeare - 2018-06-21
    please contact for squirrels.
    live a text and we call u
  • Joshua - 2018-08-01
    Hi I’m interested in buying a grey or red squirrel as a pet do you ship how much
Jeweli - 2018-06-30
I am looking for a grey, red, flying squirrel or fox squirrel baby. Please contact me as soon as someone has one. I raised a fox squirrel and had her for 9 years, I am a vet tech and have doctor support. My email I will drive to pick her up.

kelly - 2018-05-04
Looking to purchase a baby gray or red squirrel. We have raised one for many years and adore Sammy! Does anyone know who or where I can? I live in N.E. Pennsylvania.

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  • Mary shakespeare - 2018-05-10
    i have southern grey for sale.
    get to me for price and pickup.
Brian - 2014-11-23
Hello, I am looking to purchase a baby squirrel as a christmas present for my fiance, Melissa. She has raised squirrels and sugar gliders in the past and has 'hinted' that she wants one for christmas. This baby will be going to a great home with lots of love. Please help!!! I am located in Northeastern Massachusetts. Thanks

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  • Spencer - 2015-03-30
    Buy one from me.
  • crystal heuer - 2015-10-11
    @Spencer.....any baby/young squirrels available?
    Thanks in advance!
  • Sara - 2015-10-12
    Can u get anymore. Or have any
  • david - 2015-10-20
    Available $200 6 wk male last one
  • Kishla payne - 2016-05-04
    Hi I am also looking for one or two squirrels age does not matter can anyone help?
  • Sophie - 2016-05-13
    I wish to buy a pet squirrel but i live in the UK. Please anyone help!!
  • Anonymous - 2018-03-25
    Is your squirrel for sale?
  • Nicole - 2017-11-22
    I want to purchase a baby southern flying squirrel or red squirrel can anybody help or refer a good breeder??
  • Chris - 2018-04-09
    Looking to buy a red squirrel for a pet
Wendy - 2017-04-21
I would like to buy a baby American red squirrel to raise as a pet. Wendy

Hans ( squirrel master) - 2016-11-14
Yes I am. I have wanted a squirrel for 3 years. Now this is my chance to get one. all the things a squirrel needs is ready. If You can send it ASAP