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   You can't help falling in love with a New Zealand rabbit, especially when it gently nudges you, wanting a petting on its soft snowy white fur!
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Deanna - 2010-05-08
I have a New Zealand white and her name is Kea. I've had her since Mar. 8. She was also the last bunny in the store. She is sweet and whoever passed her up is missing out. Dad named her after a Mountain in Hawaii called Mauna Kea or White Mountain. We call her our White Princess.

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  • Derrick - 2010-05-18
  • Bunny Lover - 2010-11-09
    How sweet! She sounds adorable! What a special name! :)
SCOTT WALLS - 2010-11-09
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Bunny- Lover - 2010-10-20
I have a New Zealand White at home. She is pretty big and her name is Fuzz. She is the sweetest little thing!:)

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  • kelly strini - 2010-10-26
    I have an albino new zealand rex also he is big but not huge. He is very active at night and likes to live under our basement steps. He is not fixed so he gets strange ideas about the queen that's me.
Steele - 2010-09-03
I have a 3 month old new zealand buck named Prince William Caterpillar (long story) who is a show rabbit and a pet. He is a great rabbit! He loves to play and cuddle! I recommend this rabbit to any age group. Just remember to allow your rabbit to have plenty of exercise as they gain weight rapidly.

frances - 2010-07-27
Good info.

Jennifer - 2010-05-01
I got the cutest nz bunny for christmas. His name is chilli. He is one of the all white with red eyes. He is really sweet and loves the attention. I have an exercise area and I let him play with my guinea pig. He loves the guinea pig more than the spicy likes him. I call chilli my escape artist. I also have discovered he has picked up some of the guinea pigs tricks.

Saleena - 2010-04-03
I just got a New Zealand Rabbit for easter and she's great! Her name is Lacey. She's only about 8 weeks old and is the most lovable pet I have. She loves to sit on my lap and cuddle. I named her Lacey because of her soft coat. I'm hoping to show her in 4-H one day.

Anonymous - 2010-03-31
My bunnys name is rubarb (ruby) for short. And I got her to show in 4-h, I got her from the local murdocs. She was the last rabbit in the whole store. She was soo lonely. And my last rabbit died just yesterday, and I felt that she was with me.

Maribel - 2010-03-26
Hi Hailey. Your bunny is so cute, it sure has a personality. Are they all like this kind of personality? I was wondering where can I find this type of bunny. I had two new zealands since they were babies. We don't have them anymore because they got old and died. My son loved them so much and still missed his bunnies and some times he cries. When I read about your bunny, I thought of him and so I will like to get him at least one for his birthday. Do you know If they're hard to find?

Ruth - 2010-02-28
I have this brown rabbit, his name is Gremlin. He clearly is not a New Zealand, as he hates being handled, in fact I have acquired new evidence of this on my left wrist. He does not bite but boy oh boy does he scratch. He was originally my daughter's bunny, but she was not allowed to keep him at the house she was living in, so I kinda inherited him. He is adorable, each time I go into the room where he stays he runs up to me, bumps me with his nose and some times will stand on his hind legs to sniff my jeans.