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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Oscar - 2008-12-01
I have ten Netherlands Dwarfs. We originally bought two but we were told they both were males and later we found out one was a female and was pregnant. We separated them after that but we kept making mistakes and letting them reproduce two more times. Now we have ten but we are very happy with them. We have had only two major accidents. At the beginning with the first and second litter we let them be together when they were young and they ended up fighting. One morning we found one of them a female, Pikachu, with part of the fur in her face ripped. We immediately took her to the vet and got her fixed and ever since then we keep them separate in separate cages. Each male has his own cage and females can share cages because they are less territorial and can get used to live with each other. The second accident we had was about two months ago my wife put the cages in out patio. The patio has a roof so she thought the rabbits would be ok with the shadow for the day while she was cleaning the house but when I checked them I found out one of the males Noodle, was shaking and acting weird. We immediately took him in the house along with the other rabbits we cooled him down but it was too late he had a heat stroke. We treated him at home and he survived it took him days but he got full control over his body and can do everything normal now he loses balance from time to time but he is happy again. It was very sad to see him struggling when he lost the mobility of half his body. If you get a rabbit make sure you take precautions when leaving them outside they are very delicate and they can easily die from a stroke. I love my rabbits as if they were my kids. This rabbits are not mean. Some have a stronger character than other but they are good rabbits when you show them respect they will show you love. Pikachu and Noodle seem to be aware we save their lives because they are the rabbits that lick us most and they seem happy to see us every time we get home. We have another male that he is very nice to me now that I don't pick him up anymore. Some rabbits don't like to be picked up they rather be pet in their cages or outside in the floor. As humans not all rabbits are the same you will learn how your rabbit is as you interact with them and you learn what they like and what they don't like and they will be nice to you if you respect them and treat them right. The question shouldn't be if Netherlands Dwarf are good for kids or not the question should be Are your kids good for the Netherlands Dwarf. If your kid is respectful and knows how to handle small animals and can learn to treat the rabbit the right way and learn what the rabbit likes and dislike then it can be a really good pet. Otherwise its better to get a bigger rabbit or even better a different pet like a dog. Sometimes Rabbits can look cute but they might not be the right pet with you they are not a pet you can leave on the corner and just fill their food and water. They need to be cared for, special attention and sometimes they need medical care as well as they are very delicate so think well before you buy a rabbit. Don't let them die because you made a poor choice. There are other pets that need less care and it breaks my heart to know that there are little Pikachus and Noodles not being taken care of and let die because of it. Please think before you get your rabbit.

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  • Megan Kirkman - 2010-06-08
    I am thinking about getting 2 rabbits and am interested in netherland dwarfs and your comments have help me get more knowledge on the breeds behavior I hope that my rabbits will be as loving to me as yours have been to you.
  • Bev Fish - 2010-12-18
    We are wanting to buy a Netherland Dwarf Bunny for our fifteen year old daughter for Christmas but we are having a hard time finding any breeder in the area where we live. I am willing to drive to Los Angeles, CA. I live in Ventura County, CA. I have gotten on line and looked and have put some emails out but only one called me back and she is all the way down in San Diego and only has two left. A one year old and a 3 year old. She wants $50.00 each. Do you know of any breeders in our area of Southern California?
ellie - 2008-08-10
My grandad has 20 adult netherland dwarf rabbits, 13 girls and 7 boys. They are all soooo cute and have their own. The reason there are lots of mixed reviews is because there are lots of different rabbits, humans aren't all the same so why should rabbits have to be. The majority of ours love being held and stroked but some like to be held up and some along. You just have to get to know your rabbit. Some will love the company of all animals but some will hate it, and some are very territorial and some love you to stroke them in their cage. There are very rarely vicious rabbits, but if you have one, the key thing is trust. The rabbit must know you respect that it is their hutch and must come to you in their own time. We find the boys tend to be a little more territorial than the girls, but it really just depends on the rabbit. To anybody looking into have a netherland dwarf i am sure you have been told they are a lot of work. But they don't always have to be. You can have cared for your rabbit in 10 minutes each day, altough they do like lots of fuss and attention. By having an organised way of cleaning them, most rabbits will choose one corner as their "litter tray" and you can simply clean that corner each day, and your rabbit won't smell much at all. We do, however, have one rabbit with head tilt who almost died and all of the vets said her chances were slim, but she survived. We had to syringe feed her for almost a month and we made a special cushion. Well, good luck to everybody who wants a rabbit, I hope you get your furry little friend soon!

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  • Emily - 2010-06-10
    Guess what I might get a baby bunny.
  • Angelik - 2010-06-29
    Know anyone, like your granddad, that is a breeder for netherland dwarfs?
  • rose - 2010-11-29
    Wow that is a lot of rabbits I have one myself his or her name is thumper I feel sorry for the bunny that almost died, is your grandad giving any bunnys away? Have a good day sincerely
Robert - 2010-11-20
I got a Netherland dwarf for my daughter for 4-H he started off real calm, then after a few days hey doesn't seem to want much attention. He is fine when you're holding him, but as soon as you put him down he runs away from you and acts nervous. How do we overcome this? Also he has started biting, noticed this when I put my hand in his cage to clean out his water, he ran towards my hand and bit me, any Ideas?

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  • bob - 2010-11-28
    Clean when he's outside of his cage. He's confined and feels threatened. He can't run at that point while in HIS cage. He's defending HIS house. You must allow time for him to establish areas for himself. Smaller rabbits are NOT good for small children and get very stressed being handled and moved. Allow him time to know you at HIS pace, don't push it. They aren't to be handled 24/7. Bob.....
Tiffany - 2010-08-07
Do you think the Netherland Dwarf rabbit would make a good kindergarten classroom pet? I would love to teach my students the responsibilities and give them the opportunity to enjoy the love one gets from a pet, but not if it wouldn't be appropriate. If you don't think this breed of bunny would work, what kind of pet do you suggest? I would like something the kids can hold and touch, maybe something they can feed and help clean up after. Also, maybe take home pm the weekends if mom and dad agree. Thanks!

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  • Jennifer - 2010-08-11
    If you are going to take your rabbit home every weekend then I don't think that a rabbit is right for you. Rabbits don't handle stress very well and them going to a different place every weekend can be very stressful for a rabbit. You may think that it would get used to it but being as it would be five days between take home times your rabbit would probably forget and look at it as a new place. I recommend a pet like a guinea pig. If handled regularly they are very loving, and they wouldn't mind so much going home with you every weekend!
  • bob carmody - 2010-11-07
    Tiffany, I agree with Jennifer. IF you do get a rabbit, get a larger breed that can't be injured as easily as a smaller breed. Dropping a small rabbit even from a lower distance can break their back or legs. Maybe a ferret that's been handled already but I would definitely lean away from rabbits for small children. Rabbits need experienced people to handle them.
  • Susan - 2010-11-09
    No, I raise and show netherlands and I say no way would I recommend a netherland dwarf for kids this young. My choice would be Dutch, Holland lop or mini rex. Jersey woolies.
  • Paige - 2010-11-16
    Rabbits don't handle stress well, so moving around to different places wouldn't be a good idea. Especially with such a small breed of rabbit.

    I would be very careful monitoring the students when holding the rabbit, as rabbits backs can break easily if dropped. Just a suggestion, but I would stick with something besides a rabbit. Maybe something like a guinea pig, ferret, or fish.
Lorna - 2009-03-20
Hi. Well, after checking out this site, I finally decided to adopt my first Netherland Dwarf yesterday. He is an eight-week-old chesnut buck. I absolutely love him. He is so sweet and loveable. He is not jumpy nor skittish at all. He sits still and lets my children pet him. He is so full of personality. I am so glad I found this site. Everyone's comments really helped us decide on this breed. My family and I just couldnt be happier. We actually plan on buying an all black baby Netherland from our local petstore later today. Thanks so much!

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  • bob carmody - 2010-11-07
    Lorna, 8 wks is the earliest you should adopt. Make sure they are spayed or neutered already this cuts down on their aggressive type behavior as they get older and want to mark their territory. Check the web site for a house rabbit society rescue organization in your area. They will have all the info you need. Example is This is the house rabbit society in st louis mo.
nicky v - 2010-09-13
I have a 14 week old netherland dwarf buck I have had him for three weeks and he seems very timid he is a house rabbit not going outside sometimes he seems ok but he seems scared of everything and doesn't seem to want attention not through the want of trying I can tell you any ideas how I can gain his trust and convince him I'm his friend as I'm running out of ideas as to how I can turn him into the furry friend I'd hoped for.

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  • bob carmody - 2010-11-07
    Nicky, you answered your own question with "house rabbit". They get scared outside especially if they hear dogs as they think they could be prey. Outside there is also things they could eat that aren't good for them. Because their temp is 101 to 103 degrees, outside is usually not good for them if it's sunny. Keep him inside where he's marked his territory and feels at home. Spend time on the floor with him so he knows your scent. They will eventually climb on you when they feel comfortable, don't push them. He will come to you in time. Days, or weeks, they are all different. "Hop" that helps...
Dwarf Rabbit Owner - 2010-11-06
This is an excellent resource for all dwarf rabbit owners. Here is another great resource:

Bunnylover - 2010-09-26
Hi I have a floppy eared bunny named cinnamon. She is sorta chesnut color... anyway I'm looking to breed her........ is anyone interested in breeding? Please?

emilia - 2010-08-10
Rabbits rock they are loved in my family.

shazy - 2010-07-04
My little bunny is seriously injured I think it has broken ribs. Cos it lays down, doesn't move just lies down. We don't have any VET around this area I'm worried as what can be done.

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  • Ana - 2010-07-08
    I am so sorry to hear about your bunny. Is it possible that it's something related to his stomach rather than a rib injury? how could he have broken his ribs? It might be too late by the time you see this but if it is a question of a stomach issues, sometimes they shut down their digestive system, stop eating, and stop pooping because something is off in their tummy. Giving them Oxbow Critical Care mixtrue can force the tummy to start working again and in many cases save the bunny's life. If he seems to be in pain when you move him/touch him I think a feeding might even be too traumatic. Where do you live? Check to see if they can give you any advice on getting care for him. I feel so bad for him.
  • alena - 2010-08-02
    ooooo you really got 2 do something if it is broken then the smartest thing to do would probably be to put it down!