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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Allie - 2011-08-04
My rabbit is 12 years old and is in great health. He has no signs of aging.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-04
    Fantastic... glad for you Must be the great care you take of him.
Rachel Liaw - 2011-05-31
I have 2 netherland dwarfs.
The female is Miffy,9months old now.
The male is Modi,3months+2weeks old now. (I'm still not really sure if he's confirm a male yet,cuz I dont see him having any testicles at all.)

Jus last night,they suddenly started fighting.
For the first time I see Miffy chasing Modi away. Now she just keeps making some squeeking and grunting sound whenever he gets close.

I wish to know what are the chances of Modi being able to impregnant Miffy at the age of only just 3months old?

please help

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-31
    A Netherland Dwarf can achieve sexual maturity (make babies) as early as 12 weeks - so there is your 3 months. It is normally more like 16 weeks but yep - they are old enough.
    Do you want little bunnies? Good luck and stay in touch and let us know.
  • LUVURBUNS - 2011-07-10
    ND's can mature VERY early, depending on his/her lineage. I think it is a boy because not only girls and boys breed, they also fight. Separate them and DON'T GET THEM SPAYED/NEUTERED! IT CAN KILL YOUR RABBIT IF YOU'RE NOT CAREFUL!
  • Haylei - 2011-07-31
    You CAN get them spayed and nuetered if you visit a rabbit savvy vet! It is actually very important considering 80% of female rabbits that don't get spayed by the age of two will develop uterine cancer. Also, nuetered males are less likely to spray and both genders will be less hormonal, making the human-rabbit companionship more manageable.

    If they are male and female, get them fixed by a veterinarian that KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING (there is a list on If they are both females, they will most likely not be able to live with each other unless you get them both spayed because they will constantly be fighting over dominance
Chloe - 2011-07-23
I have a pet Dwarf bunny that is a netherland that is 7 weeks they are so cute and nice but gotta watch their claws They WILL CLAW VERY HARD.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-25
    Be with and around your bunny as much as possible. Let others around your bunny so your bunny becomes well socialized. The Netherlands can kick and you might want to cut their nails. They can also nip so get her very used to handling, playing etc at an early age. They are adorable.
LUVURBUNS - 2011-07-10
Hello, I'm a 4her and I just got a baby siamese sable netherland dwarf. I plan on breeding him because he has great lineage, and his sire has just won 2-3 legs at the Santa Barbara County fair. Is there any advice that anyone has to give me on breeding him?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-11
    When two true dwarfs are bred (both the male and female are dwarfs) there is a good chance that that a pecentage of the babies will carry what is called the DWDW gene. The babies that have this gene can live for a few weeks but they will die. It is fatal. They look different than the healthy babies from the start. No one seems to know the reason and some say they don't have a digestive tract. Animal World is just in the process of researching this very topic and more information should be soon. In the interim, please read up on as much as you can about the Netherland Dwarf reproduction, Netherland Dwarf Peanuts, Netherland Dwarf Breeding and Netherland Dwarf DWDW. Breeding can be done and successsfully. A person should just know that a high percentage of the babies will be peanuts. That is hard. You may want to make a decision as to whether you are breeding for show or pets and who to mate him with.
  • LUVURBUNS - 2011-07-11
    Yeah, I've been doing a LOT of research! There are loads of things that can happen like, Max factor, peanuts(as you said), stillborns, the kits getting stuck, false dwarfs which are dwarfs that didn't get the dwarfing gene, hippos, and runts. I was planning on breeding him with a REW, so I can either get a black himi, a brown himi, a siamese sable, or a REW. And I really like him as is and I would love to produce one.
emily - 2011-07-06
i litter trained my bunny when he was younger and he seems to be using it when he is in cage. Now when I let him out onto my bed because I don't want him on the floor, he has recently been using bathroom on my bed. Not only that, he has been spraying urine. How can I get him to stop spraying his urine, and to stop using bathroom on my bed?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-07
    Spraying (especially by males) usually happens as a result of them wanting to mark their territory. Believe it or not, it is a sign of affection. It's hormonal and what is happening is that your bunny is getting to puberty. If you spay or neuter your bunny, the problem should go away or at least be alleviated to a great extent.
  • LUVURBUNS - 2011-07-10
    The comment that was posted before me is right, but if you do spay or neuter your rabbit, there are things that you should know.

    Spaying may get rid of spraying, but it is dangerous if you don't have a rabbit vet around there. It can KILL your rabbit! Why bother risking your best friend just to stop some stupid spraying?!
emily - 2011-06-19
My netherland dwarf bunny is really skittish and doesn't like to be held much. Also it is very hyper and will not sit still when I try to pet it, I don't know the sex of my bunny yet but I think it might be a female because I heard that female rabbits are more aggressive. I only had my bunny for maybe two months now, my question is will my bunny become more calmer and friendlier as it becomes older?

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  • Jenna - 2011-06-19
    I also have a female netherland and she does the same. When I clean her out she makes like noises what we do is try to pick her up as much as possible and she always calms down if we take some lettuce and we brush them.
  • Ron W - 2011-07-01
    We had a ND for 15 years. In his early years he never wanted to be held unless you were standing on hardwood floors, which he was afraid to walk on. He had tons of personality and this was just part of it. When he got older, he became more accustomed to being held, liked to be brushed and even made happy noises when we massaged his eyes to help open his blocked tear duct. Every breed and every rabbit within the breed have their own personalities and likes/dislikes. We need to figure out what those are, but with lots of attention, they develop trust and eventually adapt to us. From what I've read, ND's are more skittish, but I wouldn't trade the years we had with our ND for a more low keyed rabbit. He provided endless entertainment and was my "shadow" even though he didn't want to be held.
Greg - 2010-11-10
I just got a netherland dwarf rabbit today, 2 months old name CCH Pounder. Does anyone know anything about litter box training a rabbit?

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  • Lauryn - 2010-12-11
    My rabbit is litterbox trained. What I did is I put the litterbox in the corner he uses most and he will start using it. If not put newspaper in the bottom of the cage and if he pees rip out the piece of newspaper and put it in the litterbox. Or if he poops sweep it up with a mini broom and dust pan and put it in the litterbox. I hope this helps.
  • jesse - 2011-01-15
    Hi Greg I do I'm training my second one you need to put some soiled bedding or newspaper in the litter box so they know and it might take a while to train them. Do NOT use cat litter they eat it and will die of a stomach impaction ues pelleted litter.
  • Jennifer Kuhn Perseghin - 2011-04-15
    I have litter boxed a few of my rabbits. I use yesterday news paper pellet cat litter and either a plastic dishpan or a triangle litter pan from pet store. As they get use to to the pan I put a few droppings in it so they use that spot. It can go 2 ways they will use it it may take a month or two or they will play in bedding and make a mess.
  • carly - 2011-05-11
    I have a mini rex. I just put the litter box in her cage and she used it right away and always went in it never in her cage. I didn't have to train her she knew. Clean her/his cage and put the litter box in it.
Tsimen - 2011-04-12
Where can I buy a Netherland dwarf rabbit in LA?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-12
    There is a Netherland Dwarf Breeders association and the link is It lists various breeders for this type of rabbit and congratulations, there are some in LA. Good luck and let us know how you like them.
Shamus Corbetts Fam - 2011-01-12
We just lost our Shamus after l4 years 4mos. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would love this little guy so much. We went to a pet store for lava rocks when my daughter was 8 and came home with with her science rocks and the best pet ever our little dwarf rabbit. My daughter is 22 now and was home on winter break from college when he took ill. He died in our arms. When I told the pet store this past fall he was still alive they were amazed. All they kept saying is they do not live that long. I know Shamus loved us so much, that is why we had him in our lives for so long.

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  • Shareen - 2011-01-14
    I feel for your loss. We lost our Hotot Dwarf rabbit - Nibbles today after only having him for 6 months. He may have only been with us for a short time, but he filled us with love!
  • fred - 2011-02-01
    I am so sorry that your rabbit died.
  • susan gale - 2011-02-11
    Hi I lost my tommy 4 years ago aged 14 yrs old, he also died in my arms and the vet couldn't believe how old he was, and said it was the oldest rabbit he'd ever treated. He was quite a character but very loving, I miss him very much.
  • julia - 2011-02-23
    I know how you feel I went to the pet shop for rabbits I got two and took them home. Over time my affection for them extended to my whole family even my sister who doesn't really like being close to animals. Unfortunately he got an illness from a parasite one minute he was o.k. the day he started fitting. Me my mum and sister went to the vets with me and when he was put down I started crying and so did my mum who hardly ever cries my sister held her composure but when we got home she burst into tear she couldn't go to work she was so upset. We put him in a box and wrote letters to put in the box with him the we buried him in the garden and I put a little cross on it we put flower pot with flowers so he wouldn't be dug up by foxes. We still talk about how much we miss him even though it's been 5 months I know we still have one left but all rabbits are different they have little personalities we can never have another one like him all rabbits are individual.
  • Larry B - 2011-03-14
    We just lost our grand daughters little Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. She was only about two years old and got an infection. We took her to the vet and they gave her the wrong antibiotic. We tried force feeding her but she finally gave up. Was not long she was gone. Always hurts to lose a pet, they are like part of your family. She was so much fun and loving. Grand daughter is looking for another so I hope she finds one.
Elaine - 2011-01-08
Hi. I have been told my netherland dwarf rabbit (that I was told is a boy) is
pregnant. I have another boy and have parted them so can you tell me what to
do when she has the babies? Thank you.