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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Amy - 2005-03-24
I have a black dwarf rabbit named Charlie. We got her...get this...13 years ago! I understand that the life expectancy of a dwarf rabbit is 8-10 years. She is truly a remarkable rabbit. We have had many wonderful years with her, and treasure the days we have left with her.

J from New York - 2005-03-22
I very recently bought a Netherland Dwarf Bunny. I moved into an apartment and wanted some life there when I got home from work everyday. Well let me tell you, he has just been wonderful. My mother who doesnt even like animals fell in love with him and told me anytime I go away I can leave him with her. Now that is magic! I am so happy with my choice and look forward to years of joy and fun with this little guy.

Chantal - 2005-03-22
We have a netherland dwarf, she is so adorable. she was my first rabbit and we love her so much. I talk to her every day and she runs for me when she sees me. I have two cats and she loves to play with them. We bought a wooden house for her and she jumps on top of the house, she loves it. She is full of energy, all black, and underneath her paws are gray color. We have learned how intelligent they are from our rabbit. These are great animals to have as a pet.

bunnys rock no1!! - 2005-03-13
i think the netherland dwarfs are so cute. i am getting one in May and i cant wait! i just love the way they are so tiny and adorable!

Lindsey Kibler - 2005-03-07
i have a netherland dwarf and she is so adorable. everyday i come home from school and take her out of her cage. we watch tv together, im sure she knows all my favortie shows! i am hoping to breed her with my chocolate buck, but fear complications, and color situations. she pulls out her fur every spring, it is so tempting! she is a beautiful little girl, even my dad adores her.

Karen - 2005-02-22
I have had a Netherland Dwarf for almost two years. In my opinion, they are the best type of show rabbit. I have won 3 Best of Show awards at shows all across Wyoming. Netherlands are especially good for beginners who are just starting out. They are also the easiest to take care of. I now have four Netherlands (Curtis, Kupa, Hershey, and Spot) and I would never sell or trade them for another breed. I think they are the coolest little fuzzballs in the world.

Anonymous - 2005-02-17
my sister and i just got a netherland and he is just great! he really loves be held. we absolutely adore him. i strongly recommend a netherland dwarf to anyone young or old!

BRITTANY - 2005-02-16
you site is the awesome. it has such cute animals like the rabbits and guinea pigs. they are so adorable i wish i could get one. I really like the netherland dwarf

Charlie roth - 2005-02-06
the best kind of rabbit is a netherland dwarf because they are not hyper. they will lay with you when you are watching tv. I have a netherland dwarf. it lives in my house. it does everything with me.

AMO2 - 2005-02-04
Netherland dwarfs are the best animals you could ever have! They can be sweet and funny. We have 1 and she is the best rabbit we have ever had.