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   These are the cutest rabbits one could imagine! They come in about 36 different varieties (more than any other breed!) all of which stay very small!
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Kirsten - 2008-09-10
Hi, my name is Kirsten. I am getting a N. dwarf rabbit this Saturday. I was kind of worried because I had read that N. dwarfs can be aggressive. Thanks to everyone's advice, I am no longer worried.

Anonymous - 2008-09-09
I have a netherland dwarf and she's never tried to bite me. She is black and she has the sweetest personality. She loves to explore and loves to be petted and picked up. If you are not picking them up carefully they may become aggresive when you put your hand in the cage, but otherwise I recommend a netherland dwarf to everybody! They're very affordable and love attention!

Laura - 2008-09-08
Hi! I love Netherland Dwarf Rabbits! They are the cutest!

Ally - 2008-08-22
Hello everyone! My name is Ally and I just purchased my Netherland Dwarf yesterday. I was a bit worried about getting a dwarf because I have heard that they are mean, but she is the absolute sweetest bunny ever! Her name is Ebody (eby for short). She loves cuddling, and her favorite way to be held is in baby position! Whenever she is in baby position and you put your chin over her, she licks your neck! It is sooo cute. I strongly suggest a netherland dwarf if you are looking for a pet rabbit.

Amanda - 2008-08-17
As alot of you guys said Netherland Dwarfs are not mean. you are very right! They are very very nice. And if any one would know it's me. I raise, show, and beed them. We have around 100 rabbits! And most times they are sweet, sometimes they are mean. But usually it's a stage they take. Just remember if you are planning to get one, give it lots of love and respect, and you both will be very happy!

Alyssa - 2008-08-13
o.k. if you are going to get a netherland ddwarf rabbit here is some advive for you.
A lot of people think that netherland dwarfs are really agressive and mean but they real;y aren't viscious. They are so cute and adorable and so nice too.
Infact, I'm about to get one on wednesday and I know about everything that you should
know about a n. dwarf. I read this one message and this girl let her rabbit eat TWIZZLERS right out of the bag, and everybody should know that if you give your rabbit sugar it could either get super super sick or it could die. o.k. that was such horrible advice. Please don't think I'm stupid. I'm going into the 4th grade and I get a's and b's.

hellokittyy46 - 2008-08-10
I disagree with the people that say they are aggressive. If you are having 'mixed thoughts' GO WITH THAT THEY ARE GENTLE TINY RABBITS! My friend has a netherland dwarf and she is breeding them and i will get a baby! But i asked her if she ever bit her and she said 'shes never even tried to.' It was only the second time i ever SAW the rabbit and i held it for the first time...she dident even swerm around or scratch!!!! These are the BEST rabbits in the WORLD!! They are VERY cute!! They come in MANY colors and only the red-eyed whites have red eyes!!! (bc personally i think red-eyes are scary and ugly) But i am getting one for myself and i am having NO DOUBTS about this breed!!

Lisa MM - 2008-08-01
I recently adopted the cutest 6 mo. old gray & white Dwarf bunnie from a Pet Rescue facility. I absolutely love rabbits, we just had a bunnie die a week before we bought Smokey our newest memmber to our family! Dwarfs are the cutest bunnies ever! Ever since we adopted him, he has been the happiest bunny and always gives us kisses for recuing him! We love him so much! He is our 3rd bunnie, we love them!
They are a joy to have!!

trix - 2008-08-01
I have a netherland dwarf doe and she can be aggressive a lot, so I would not suggest getting her for a kid. Netherland dwarfs, along with any other rabbit are very territorial. They do not like people putting their hands in their cage. If you want to get a rabbit for a child I HIGHLY suggest getting an american fuzzy lop. I had one and he was the best rabbit I could ever ask for. Unfortunatly he died about two months ago and the house just isn't the same without him.

Tiffany - 2008-07-29
I am currently looking into getting a Netherland Dwarf, but I am hearing mixed reviews. My bunny will be around little kids sometimes, but they are used to having to be gentle as many people in my family have recently gotten small puppies. I want a bunny, and I know it's a responsibility, but I'm not sure how much care it requires. I've also heard some disastrous stories about these bunnies' tempers. Some websites have said that they are much more aggressive and make terrible pets; while others boast about their lovable nature. I want a pet that I can play with and that can be around children at least sometimes. I wonder if anyone can help me decipher truth from reality.