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   If you want a really laid back, sweet, and calm bunny...the Havana Rabbit is the one for you!
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matthew - 2007-01-04
We have a beautiful black havana rabbit named Licorice. She is trained to use a litter box and she is very sweet. She is quiet and can stay alone for 3-4 days when we go on vacation. She loves treats but hates carrots! She likes to play with paper towel cardboard holders.
Matthew age 7

Lauren - 2006-08-24
i did not have this rabbit but had a dutch rabbit. we love him 2 pieces but we have this problem where she keeps jumping out the cage. we have a guinea pig in with her as well, when ever we pick the guinea pig up and not her, she goes crazy running around the cage frantically because she cant find him, bless her! tis funny how they have there own little personalities.

Peggy - 2006-08-06
My chocolate havana was named Buck Rogers. He was quite a guy. He absolutely loved Animal Cracker cookies and Vanilla Wafers. I accidently left an open box on the floor in the living room once and he stuck his nose in and had a few. If I ever walked in the room with a box of cookies he could smell them and came for a treat. We only gave him one a day so he wouldn't get sick, and these are lower in sugar than most cookies and they have no chocolate. He seemed to prefer Sunshine Vanilla Wavers over Keebler. Occasionally if we needed to catch him and he was being uncooperative we would bring out the cookie box, shake it, and announce "Cookie Time". He would get very cooperative in order to get a cookie. He figured this out eventually, but didn't seem to mind getting caught since the result was getting a cookie.

savannah - 2006-07-25
My havana rabbit is really sweet! When I hold hers she does not poop on you like other animals. The havana rabbit does not shed as much as other bunnies do. This is really helpful if some one in the family has allergies.

Cameron and Katie-Bug - 2006-07-09
We just entered our Havana Bunny in the 4-H fair this weekend and she won best of breed and best of show! She is a beauty, but a little more on the feisty side! Cameron, age 9 and Katie~Bug, age 8 from Indiana

emily hassall - 2006-05-04
my havana rabbit is black,sweet and very is the best pet i have ever had!

Rebekah - 2006-03-28
I had a havana for nearly 8 years before she passed away. I miss my Pepper so much. They really are the best pet you could possibly have. It was a wonderful privilege to be with my Peppy and she is very much missed.

Briel - 2006-03-14
I have a Havana who will be 4 on April 1st. and she is the funnest rabbit in the world! shes my baby girl. She is very protective of the various rugs lying around my house, and can and will chase down anyone who steps on them. She dislikes being held by anyone but me. i am the only one (this makes me feel super special!). i Love my Coco bean!

Stacey - 2006-01-11
I have had a havana doe for 5 years and it is my favourite breed. It is the best rabbit to own as they are very friendly towards people.

rachrell - 2005-12-01
i have a rabbit and this web site told me everthing