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   If you want a really laid back, sweet, and calm bunny...the Havana Rabbit is the one for you!
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shara - 2008-01-23
You are such good keepers for pets, I wish I had one.

Ali Smith - 2008-01-04
I am one out of three havana breeders in the state of NJ. I have a blue havana, who is my main havana followed by many others, and I'm expecting babies for the second time from her. I'm trying to open my stock to many more of this breed. Out of all my rabbits my havanas are the sweetest.

steph - 2007-12-24
This year in early april, a friend and I were at the races when we saw some rabbits in despicable conditions. I purchased a little black bundle with the last money I had, without knowing her breed. She is now known to be a havana. I love Ebony so much, and she loves me too. But shes never learned to trust anyone else but me. She is now pregnant and is expecting on the 31st of december! I wouldn't trade her for the world!

Elisha - 2007-10-07
The black one looks exactly like my Rabbit, called Shadow, who died recently. It says he is a show rabbit just like Shadow. How freaky!

kayla - 2007-08-22
I recently got this 12 week old spunky black bunny from the state fair. I was told it's a silver marten but he looks so much more like a Havana. He's all black with silver hair tips. His body shape and size is that of a Havana as well. His name is Bandit and he's a real sweetheart. He has a lot of nicks and marks from being attacked by the other bunnies he was pinned with, but they all seem to be healing well. He's super lovable with me, but doesn't like many other people. He acts shy even around my mom but when it's just me and him, he's a hoppin fool and does the "Bunny 500" around my room. But he's also a big cuddler and will jump on my bed and crawl up next to me for attention. I've only had him for about a week and I already love him to pieces. He's spoiled rotten but he deserves it. His last owner didn't seem to take very good care of him, but I surely will. He's already a happy, getting healthy bunny.

Samantha Dickey - 2007-08-07
I own up to 30 or 40 havanas but i don't keep them for pets, i show them and i love having them. They are the calmest rabbits i have ever had the honor of showing at a rabbit show. When i heard i was going to show havanas i thought they were going to be a little mean, but the first time i showed them i loved it. I got best four class and best in show over my sister, and she has won a lot of best in show.

deidra - 2007-08-02
I have a baby female black havana that is so cute! and she always loves to play with me. Whenever i get up to walk she will just run around my feet! and when ever i just rap her in a blanket and hold her she will just fall asleep on my arm! i love her so much and will never let her go. i might even get her a sister to play with. that is pretty much all i have to say now.

Jeremy - 2007-07-18
I think my rabbit Floppy is part Havana Rabbit, and my other rabbit, Skitsy a Dark Havana. They are both cute.

Tana - 2007-07-06
I've had my Havana, Phantom, for three years now. I love her to death because she is so calm and loves being petted between her ears. She helped me to win Super Showmanship two years in a row. I make fun of my brother and sister's rabbits because they are constantly getting dirty, but Phantom hardly needs any cleaning. I'm glad I found this wonderful breed.

dwight st. john - 2007-03-06
in l977 I placed the last bunny in my Havana award winning line in a Los Angeles grade school. Every summer the teacher took the female home to a hutch in the back of her yard, and all during the school year the rabbit ran around the classroom with the kids. in l985 I received a post card in my new city, Vancouver, British Columbia, noting that she had quietly passed on, the last of her bloodline. Fabulous breed, so easily handled, and gentle.