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   The American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is a snuggly little bunny that reminds us of a teddy bear!
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Drew & Erika - 2008-12-09
We just got our first bunny, an American Fuzzy and Holland Lop mix. His name is Bob and he is adorable. Or, in the words of my girlfriend, "He makes my head hurt, he's so cute." He just learned how to hop into his cage and use the litter...for a treat.

Alyssa - 2008-08-29
o.k. I have had an american fuzzy lop myself. Her name is amy and she is so adorable! Everyday when I come home from school I take her out of her cage and then she either rolls around on her back or she will paw at me and lick me all over my face. It dependes if she is super super happy or if she is just plain happy.

rachael - 2008-08-12
I have had an american fuzzy lop in the past and just got two 6 week old american fuzzy does. Im 15 and love to show rabbits. I mostly show american fuzzy lops and jersey woolys. I also have an angora. Take my advice and start with an american fuzzy lop and not an angora- hard to take care of, but dont get me wrong I love my angora.

erica - 2008-03-27
I have had my american fuzzy lop for almost four years now and I absolutly ADORE him. His name is peanut and he is the most lovable pet I have ever had, and trust me I have had a lot of pets. He loves to be petted and cuddled all the time. I think anyone who is looking to get a rabbit should definately get an american fuzzy lop, they are the best.

Kes - 2008-03-17
Yesterday I bought a 6 week old broken black lop and she is the sweetest creature on earth. Her name is Pixie, she's
curious cuddly and loves other rabbits! Rabbits are great pets for ANYONE!

ria - 2008-02-24
I just got a young caramel colored fuzzy lop named BradPitt. He loved to hop around and wiggled his cute little nose. One day I woke up in the morning and saw he had passed away. I don't know what happened. He looked fine and energetic the day before. I am brokenhearted. But he gave me a cheerful week while I had him.

jessica - 2007-12-20
I have an american fuzzy of my own. I love her. Whenever i get home from school I put her little baby socks on and her little outfit and attempt to walk her. She is my first rabbit and I'm loving every minute of it. I'm showing her and hoping to get that big blue ribbon. :D

erica - 2007-07-10
I have one fuzzy lop and am getting more breeding stock soon. I absolutely love this breed. I have had many breeds over the past ten years and the fuzzy lops are the best. They are easy going, very laid back, and love to sit in your lap and be groomed. They are alot more laid back than their close relative, the hollond lop.

rebecca molnar - 2007-07-06
Hello, I am going to get this rabbit for showing! I am so excited, I head one before and she was the nicest thing i have ever had!

rebecca molnar

Aina - 2007-04-26
After reading this and other things about fuzzy lops I decided to get one. I brought her home a week before Christmas. She is a mismarked blue doe. I named her Skye.
Over the months that I have had her she has shown her wonderful personality. She is sweet and loves to get her head scratched. She also doesn't seem to be afraid of my lhasa apso and they have become great friends. She is almost litter trained and as soon as she is she will have free roam over my room. To accomplish this I am getting her spayed in two weeks. They say that spaying also makes rabbits nicer. If this is true then my rabbit will be the sweetest rabbit in the world after she is spayed, because she is already great!
The hardest part of keeping a fuzzy lop is their hair. Shortly after I got her she went through a molt and had a few bald spots on her flanks and her neck was bald. I get a *fuzzy* lop and it goes bald; talk about discouraging. Well, as I said before, it was only a molt and she is back to being fuzzy. They need to be brushed often to keep their coat unmatted, and it also helps prevent a medical problem called 'G.I. stasis