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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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~Tanis Ballek~ - 2003-09-25
Thank you very much im getting a teddy bear hamster not 4 a while until i no everything about them and i think i jsut learned everything it helped me out alot and i would again like to thank u for havin ur website up bubi

thanks ~tanis~

Ebony - 2003-09-25
I recently just got a new dwarf hamster. Im not familiar with this kind of breed.Its tan with red eyes.Its a little too protective and mean when I first got it. but I practice taking it out on a daily basis.I also have another hamster named "Tinkie Winkie".Mind you,the dwarf hamsters name is "Dipsy".Anyway my tinkie winkie is a teddy bear hamster.She is very freindly.But my dipsy bit my tinkie winkie.I was shocked!!!They dont get along very well.But I love them just the same!Theyre cages are a lot of $$$$$$.But my mom is willing to do anything to make me happy!!!Thank you for listening to my articale about my hamsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!