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   Mongolian Gerbils, often referred to as just "Gerbils", are the best kept secret of the "pocket pet" world!
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Rachel - 2006-12-10
I have two female gerbils, one called Coffee and the other Cream. Coffee is mine and Cream is my sisters, though I am worried for my Coffee as she has a large growth on her belly. Yes one of my former gerbils suffered the same way though not as bad. I have taken Coffee to the vet and she told me that it isnt anything to worry about at the moment, but if it got any bigger then it may cause a problem. It has gotten bigger and has a large hole in the centere, though it has stopped bleeding and I hope is on its way to healing.

Sarah - 2006-12-05
I have a gerbil named Blackbear that I have had for four years. She had a sister named Snowflake, but she died. Blackbear was the more active, curious of the two. Snowflake was the sweeter, more gentle of the two. I have had so much fun having them. Blackbear was my fourth gerbil (the only one alive) After many, uncountable years.

Nicola (again) - 2006-10-24
Hi it's me again! Just to say that I got my gerbils on the 13th and they're fabulous! I could only get two not three so i had to drop the name Elmo :(
But Arthur & Zippy are great to have around! Arthur is brown and white & Zippy is black and white. Theyre about 7 weeks old now and gorgeous!

nicola - 2006-10-12
My beloved cat Timmy died recently and the house seems empty without him even though we still have the dog.
So I thought it would be good to have some new little friends to care for and I decided on gerbils. I have the 'gerbilarium' all set up which is a fantastic big cage with three levels and a deep layer (5") of sawdust for digging.
Im looking forward to the arrival of my 3 boys. Im still thinking about names but i have some ideas; Elmo, Arthur & Zippy!

Amelia - 2006-09-25
Hi, my dad used to have tons of gerbils, so it was the only pet he let me get. I just loved the little gerbils to death. I had one gerbil that lived 4 years after i got it, and another that only lived about a week. I suggest getting two males, they have no reason to fight if there isn't a female around. Also, if you buy two male gerbils and one dies, then you may be able to get another one. i was lucky and my gerbil Fluffy (named after the 3 headed dog in harry potter) adapted to two new cage mates after his brother died. I now only have one gerbil named Frodo. he's brown with cute little white paws. he only nibbles if my brother or a stranger is holding him. I would recommend a gerbil because they're cute and cuddily!

latte n his mum - 2006-05-19
i have 2 gerbils, latte and cheeky (both with me now). they have completely different personalities. latte is more curious and cheeky loves his wheel and his jar. cheeky is an angel in your hand but a devil when we let him go in the dining room. latte loves all his food and usually pushes cheeky out of the way for food. They are 5 mths old now and i dress latte up in a barbie celtics top. And we have an old toy car we put latte and cheeky in and they just enjoy the ride! Now they even know their names and pop up when they hear them. latte some times scratches the side of the cage when i'm there to get out to me!

Allison - 2006-05-06
I just got two male gerbils which I have named Blueberry and Muffin. They are so adorable with there frisky whiskers and long tails. They are better than hamsters because hamsters would keep you up all night. They can keep you enternained for hours when they're not sleeping, because they are always so curious while they're digging, running, or exploring new toys that you can build for them. I would definitely recommend getting gerbils as one of your first small rodent pets!!

KayKay - 2006-04-18
I have two awesome gerbil brothers. Cinder & Zero. When we first got them about a year ago. Cinder my little gray one had a broken leg and was the runt of the litter. I felt so bad for him that I bought him and his playful brother Zero and now he's the healthiest, cutiest gerbil ever! other than his big brother of course!

Biscuthead - 2006-04-03
I have a gerbil named Peanut! He is a joy to have around. He is playful and he is very healthy! I love him and he is one of my best friends!

Ally - 2006-01-20
I had two gerbils like 2 or 3 years ago and they were both male brothers, were VERY cute and got along VERY well! But then Midnight died and Cinnamon turned rabid or something, and died like a month or so after Midnight died. i was sad and i really want gerbils and hamsters again, but i have rabbits. i breed and raise them so i have a lot of them. xoxoxoxox I LOVE GERBILS!