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   Mongolian Gerbils, often referred to as just "Gerbils", are the best kept secret of the "pocket pet" world!
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Betsy - 2010-02-27
Don't forget that another great place to get a new pet gerbils is at local city or county animal shelters and private animal rescues...Petfinder has MANY gerbils needing homes in every state. Please consider adoption instead of soliciting pet shops or breeders. Many small animals are euthanized across the U.S. simply because no one wants them..

Bradley - 2009-07-27
Hi guys, as I know some petshops are not very good and you can't alway trust them when buying or asking for advice on pets or they are not friendy. But if you go to pet at home they are really nice and they make sure there animals are happy and not ill, and you can trust them with the advice, and they got big pet stores and loads of good stuff for your pets.

Holly - 2009-06-26
Hi, I have one gerbil, well I used to have 2 but one of mine, he was called t.j, he died when he was 10 months old, we do not know why though. My gerbil now, his name is j.j and he is 1 years old, bless him. I love him so much. He has nothing wrong with him bless him. Me and my mum always hand feed him and he loves it, hehe! He lives in a gerbilariam all by himself but he is fine! He's out playing right now bless him. Oh yeah and he loves the hoover, as soon as he hears it he comes out and has a dig around! Bless his heart, my mum always says bless his little cotton socks, haha!

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  • larry nutile - 2010-03-20
    What color is he? I have one gerbil but I am thinking about get one more.
Sarah - 2009-04-04
My mother has 7 male gerbils split into two groups- they are very friendly and funny. I breed gerbils for a hobby and a few days ago I had five, but since then my nutmeg female has given birth to three chirping, squirming little pups. Due to her age, this is her last litter, and so an older daughter of hers helps her clean the pups and keep them warm- as opposed to dad who would normally be there (male gerbils are great fathers!)

The babies develop so rapidly it is almost as if they do so right before your eyes and soon their fur will start growing; we are hoping for some spotted varieties or variant Dark Eyed Honeys. :)

Amber - 2009-03-02
I had 3 babies gerbils and 2 died, and 1 died today. I have no more babies but until next time, they are going to have babies again, and maybe this time I will see them grow up.

cattie - 2009-01-23
I have two Gerbils they are both girls and live in the same cage together. I have had them a month now and they are really cheerfull. I would recomend that you leave them in their cage for the first two or three days, so that they can get used to their enviroment.
I love my Gerbils

steph - 2009-01-08
I have two gerbils, one female and one male. They are kept in different cages because they are brother and sister, but long story short, my friend could not take care of the gerbils. I gave them so they have it back, but I love gerbils. They rock, sally and pepper are the best pets I have ever owned.

lassey - 2008-09-12
I have a gerbil named lucy. I got her as an early birthday present. Lucy LOVES GNAWING! She could gnaw for days. Lucy is the best and gerbils ROCK!

Nichelle - 2008-06-12
When I got my gerbils I got a black one and a brown one, the black one died. Unknowingly I got another one a while later, and despite what people say about doing that, they get along just fine! I keep them in a glass tank and my family and friends just love them! p.s. their names are Smokey and Bandit.

Cody & Lexi Henderson - 2008-04-19
Gerbils rock! I have a pet gerbil named Nubby, but i might change it to... Princess!Like I said they ROCK!